Saturday, October 19, 2013

A&M University of San Antonio (Design Process)

A&M University Quilt 
Design Process

I'm going to college and in one of my course we are doing a survey. To encourage participation, I suggested making a quilt.

 The first part of the process was interesting.  I received consent from the university and their approval to use the university logo.  One of the positives is there was excitement stirring about the quilt through the employees and students.

The making of the QUILT.
Part 1 
Make a paper design.
Consider the size of center and the size of  sashing and also give size of the quilt when finished.
I had to take a paper color copy to give to A&M for the beginning process of getting consent.

Part 2 I had to choose the colors of fabrics so that they would approve the colors.  The fabric colors had to match as closely to the colors of the university.  

 One of the considerations that I had to really focus on, is the University took a lot of time creating this logo.  The logo has specifics that can't be changed.  The color of the logo, design, and fonts of the lettering are very important to the logo.  I had to keep the integrity of the logo regardless of the differences of converting a paper design into a fabric design.   

Part 3 Projector vs. Copy
A projector is the easiest way to transfer designs.  You can also get a copy enlarged which will cost 12-15 dollars, at least in Texas.  

One of the issues with going to get copies is the logo has copy rights and they will not allow you to make copies without a letter of consent form the University.  Logos have copy right laws that keep people from making a copy of a product they don't have consent to do.  Even though I have permission to reproduce their logo it is a hassle.  Copies are also hard to get into the right size and sometimes don't come out clear and transferring the design from paper to fabric is a pain.  You need a light box or large light source and it can add to you labor.  

So I used a projector.
 I divided the fabric in half.  Length wise and width wise.  It's to establish grid lines.  Taped it on a window place the projector where the design fits the on the paper copy and a fabric copy.  I used sharply to use for paper copy and white chalk pencils to do the copy on the black fabric.  

 I do recommend making paper copy.  You need the paper copy.  To have a pattern design for making the star, the lettering, and the original size of the pattern.   Sometimes when your working with fabric it shifts and moves and having a paper copy helps with unknowns that make come up that you didn't expect.


I had to show the University the transferred design on fabric.  I also embroidered the lettering to show them that I also had the exact font they used in the logo.  This created faith in the University in giving me consent to create this quilt for my survey assignment.   It also gave me brownie point with my peers and Professor.

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