Saturday, October 19, 2013

A&M Quilt (Applique Process)

Applique A&M Quilt

Making bias tape

In this picture you can see that I already have biase tape rolled.  The way I make it I cut a 1/2 of fabric and did several strips and folded it by hand making sure the fabric is fully wet then ironed it and made my strips.  

Now this isn't the best way to make bias tape.  I have only done small strips and doing bias to make this quilt showed me I need to find a better way.  The bias I did wasn't consistent and I want this quilt to be a great representation to the logo. 

 I found out that they make a tool for making consistent bias tape. It cost at Joann's 8$ but its worth the money.  The tool makes it easier to make the bias too.

The reason for the paper copy.  I made the letters out of freezer paper.  I used three layers of freezer paper.  I traced it on the freezer paper and ironed all three papers together.  Then I cut the letters out and now I have a cheap template of the letters that I can use.  
I placed my letter template on the fabric that I am going to use to applique and traced it with chalk pencil.  

Tips and tricks.

To make sure the lines stayed consistent I placed them on the fabric together.
My Favorite product is ELMER'S GLUE STICK WASH-AWAY.  I place the glue on the bias and then placed it on the fabric and then ironed it down. 

When appliqueing the bias the glue kept it on the fabric and gave me control as I was hand stitching it down.  It does take time.  To Iron the bias down.  Remember I wanted to keep the integrity of the logo. 

 I also did the same with the star.  I had the lines on the fabric design and made a paper template and used my glue and the nice part is it didn't shift and gave me control.

With the lettering I didn't glue it.  The reason is it was a smaller piece and I had more control.  I did a turn over applique and I think it look nice.  I still need to add the ANTONIO.  I didn't embroider these letter yet because the tip of the A touched the tip of the star and one of the letters was embroidered on the star. 

Once I finish the center part of the quilt the rest is the basics.  I just need to add the sashing and then to the quilting.  On the next blog I post I am considering trapuntoing the A&M part of the quilt and then to the fun part Longarm Quilt. 

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