Saturday, March 28, 2015

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What is love?

What is love?

Is love sacrifice?  Jesus is love!  He was a living sacrifice.  The word says he came to not condem the world!  The word condem means to judge! But that through Him we might be saved!  Saved mean to be made whole !   Or protected from harm! 

Love is not boastful!  Not envious. Not self seeking.  Not rude.  Not desiring evil for others.  Not covetous.   Love suffers long.  Then in the end of that text He writes love it never fails! (1 Cor 13)

I sometime look at myself and wow I don't have that kind of love.  

I have learned that love is not about what I want!  It's about loving others even when they are not who I want them to be!

To Love even if the condition is bad!  To love even when they hate you! To love even when they pray you lose everything! To love even when they turn others against you.  To love even when they want death for you. To love even if the hatred in their hearts is full of vengeance.  

Man to love under bad condition and not lose sight of love.  It is so hard and painful and sometime defeating! To not be over come by what is fed to you! 

 When Jesus hung on the cross that was his view of the bad condition of people's heart he saw and felt.  He even heard them chant Kill Him! 

The scriptures says He never reviled back.  He just stayed quiet.  Probably praying for them. Forgiving them any way regardless of how they were! Loving them with no expectation!  He couldn't change who He was!  He could not, not  be the Son of God!  

If I truly love!  I have to love without expectation! Without requirements. What I give has to be free without strings attached!  

Sometimes conflict comes because what is expected from others isn't met.  Then we judge and complain and slander because what the other person is doing isn't what we want them to do!  So we feel we have a right to judge. As if we are the Maker!  The truth is we are nobody to look at others. 

The truth is we are all failures short of the glory of God! Everyone is a sinner! Everyone!

  The only place our eyes should be on is Him. The maker and finisher of your faith!  Paul say I don't even judge myself!  There is one who knows my wounds, know my weaknesses, know me personally and he will judge me. 

When he judges us it's not if we were right. Good or bad.  But did we know Him?  Did we follow Him?  Did we let Him love us? 

Jesus died not with demands or requirements or expectation of you better or I will judge you!  He died out of love in hope out of unconditional passion for you ! So that you would willingly come and part take of His love!  He never throws your past in your face! Or requires an unreasonable standard!  He just wants us to follow Him.  

As we journey with Him. 

Have you ever been around someone so much you gestures, your wording, and even your slang becomes reflective of who you have been around!  

I guess sooner than later as we fellowship and follow and learn about His wonderful goodness it will become a part of us.   

Even Peter when he was denying Christ the girl said, " you even sound like one of them." See Jesus was rubbing off on Peter.   He even sounded like Jesus in the way He spoke and even in the denial.  Jesus love and presence and words were something Peter unknowingly was molding into his Masters Son!

His love leads us unto repentance. Nothing else leads people to turn around.


With no judgement. With no hatred.  With no expectation.  

Jesus just loves you.  I know because He has loved me personally even in my worst condition!  

As I follow this loving, lovely savior, and my heart gets tender and my gestures and words become who I am.  I'm honored and thankful that He gave everything He is! For some as broken and ugly as I was! 

Even in my worst condition He Wanted And Loved Me!  

I guess for me to know what love is?  I have to be love first by the one who is Love .  Jesus the savior and lover of you soul!

That's where I learn what true love is with Him! 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Aqua love

Aqua love

Is me trying to replicate the quilt that I gave to my counselor!  

I wanted to try a different block or better aDiamond  ruler! 

This is a pons and porter template rule.  They come in a set of four or five!  

Sewing these are a little different but it's coming along! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Treasures in Giving

Treasures in Giving and Serving 

One of my client brought me this quilt to quilt! I told her that I would like to have some of her scraps to be able to make my own!  She just out of the blue gave me the top and told me to enjoy it! 

I felt that the gift that was given to me should have the sweetest back fabric that I have been hiding for two years because this fabric was only for something special!   


You know what I mean about special fabric stashes!  Those that are addicted to fabric or love quilting understand !  What this fabric meant to me!

I quilted it!  It was beautiful and I just needed the binding, the strangest thing I just folded the quilt and just put it away!  As if the quilt that was intened for me didn't feel like it was mine! 

Well recently I had someone go out of there way to bless me!  Really they were just doing their job! But the way she did her job was a blessing!  She was passionate, diligent, and went out her way for my behalf with joy!  Somehow I felt that what she did should be honored!  

Some time how we do thing matters more than just doing them!  

Paul from scripture talks about doing a job willingly for God!  So that he would recieve the reward! In 1Cor 9:17 

In the text he talks about servicing the  Lord in ministry!  To do it willingly mean to do it voluntarily!  Paul suffered and was hated and beaten by those that at one time he was in alliance with!  But when he turned to Christ.   Those that at one time loved him!  Supported him have now come to hate him!  Wanting to kill him and even plan and hope for Pauls destruction!  Ministry was costly for Paul! I'm sure at times he hated flowing the savior!  He was on prisoners for Christ! Even stoned outside of a city!  He was even shipwrecked and beaten with strips!  For serving Christ! 

Now you and I all have jobs. Family's that are burdensome!  Some of us have critics and Negative influences that try our daily lives! Some of us are married and unloved.  Some of us have struggles to make it another day!  Sometime we have moments In our lives that we hate!! To do them are costly and even burdensome! Life is like that sometimes!  We even feel like this isn't Gods will for me!  

I'm sure the lady who does her job day in and day out feels like she is a prisoner to working all her life! 

We all have our places in life where doing them, challenges us to want an easier way out! I'm sure Paul wanted one!  I'm sure one day God spoke to his heart, telling him do it willingly because I have a reward for you!  If not you will not get the reward!  The reward can be lost!

Sometime God allows us to be in horrible places because there is where the reward is!  That's where wisdom flourishes.  That's where our life has the greatest Impact! 

Sometimes unanswered prayers are Gods way of saying, "This is the best place for you!  This is where the tool and lessons for your coming journey are obtained!" 

Don't runaway anymore from My plan for you to be perfect! Perfect on the bible means Mature! Sometimes suffering is planned for us to fully grow up! And not be selfish! To not be hateful! To not be vindictive but to surrender! Doing Gods will willingly like Paul.  That's where the reward is! 

I saw someone just doing her job willingly! With joy! No because of the check but because she wanted to do the best job she could!  I benefited from her effort and am thankful!  Like I have benefites from Paul's wisdom! 
My client blessed me with this quilt top to honor the work I do willingly!  I finished the top with my favorite fabric.  

My counselor who went out of her way for me willingly! Deserved to be rewarded!  She never expected it but to Me she deserved it!  

Do thing passionate without want of return and someone out there will see your willingness to serve and will reward your effort!  

The truth is if no one sees it!  God has and He will reward you willingness to serve and in the end Him seeing it is what really matters! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sweet quilts

Children Quilting 

   Quilts made by children that are so sweet!! I'm quilting them for one of my clients and just wanted to share how sweet they are!

   This little quilt in honor of this precious little boy that died and the family asked me to quilt it and embroider it.  

She did two of them.  With in tensions to give them to the baby's mother and one for the grandmother! 

She is now teaching her grandchildren.  These quilts are piece though these sweet kids!  

Camo love! 

This one is my favorite!

Peach strips!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Have you ever?

Have you ever? 

Worked on something so much that your body says no more!   Have you ever wonder am I ever going to finish or get to the end? Sometime I look at jobs that way!  I never say anything in the end!  I guess it because my brain in flooded with dopamine because I finally accomplished the task at hand!  Forgetting the horrible journey!!

The fact that I made it to where I wanted to go!  Was the glorious accomplishment!  I like the feeling of finishing something!  Many times it's easy to start something!  Getting to the end is what matters! No matter how hard in the middle of the journey! Getting to the finish line is what matters, any way at least to me!  So here is my finished product!  

At time I hated this quilt!  
Sometime jobs are like marriages we come to hate!  At times I wonder why the hell did I say I would do this? 
Then as I keep trying even in the struggle I see the quilt looking glorious and I become inspiried in my effort!  As the light hits it and the shadows show the time invested! 


Then in the end I'm find in glad I didn't quite!  I'm glad I didn't let the situation break me!  As a matter of fact!  In the pressure I learned something powerful about myself!  That gifts and talents  are worth the labor pains !  

Sometimes unique gifts that are divinely give are worth fighting for!  It's up to us alone to fight for them and birth them because with out them we loose sight of doing something that was never possible within us! Greatness comes from rising even when it feels like death is winning!  

So here is my resurrection!  I finished and  I fell warrior like because I didn't quite!