Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fun paper clips

Decorated paper clips 


Cheap paper clips with a little  fun. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Glow in the dark flower

Glow in the dark flowers 

Made this flower and I used to do them to go evangelize in the streets.. I would give them away and bless people with them.. They were pindents that people could wear.   I had one on all the time but the beauty of them is they glow in the dark. 

Yeah they glow in the dark.  

Cutting brass

Project in progress
Cutting metal


Metal 18 gauge
Saw blades for metal smiths
A metal smith saw
Sand paper
Wax for saw blades

I'm not real sure what the end result of these  pieces will be, but my intentions for them to be on top of a small jewelry boxs. 

This is a saw cutter used for metal cutting.. I drilled small wholes on the metal and then feed the saw blade through whole.  Then tighten  to the top of saw.  Then start cutting the metal. 

But before that design  on paper first.  

These are designs on paper.  Then cut out the space you will saw out. 

Used transfer paper to place design on paper.  

Then start cutting design on metal.

Feed blade through drilled whole.  

Start cutting now keep blade in up and down position.  Don't push forward all blades will break.  Elbow 90 degrees and only move arm up and down.  If there is friction add wax on blade... 

Also when changing directions saw three times turn a little saw three times turn a little saw three times turn this will help you make turns without breaking your blades.  This will give you those 90 degree angles.   This process is also done for points like the tip of paisely.  

Keep doing same process.  

Cut the extra metal out.  

Start to sand. 

Sand on outside and inside cut spaces.  

Still not finished but it's a start.   Just in sanding you start to see the bringing of something beautiful.  

When working on metal it always looks horrible when it's in progress..  But when it's done it will be a beautiful piece that has longevity. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crown of thorns and repeating cross blocks

 New blocks 

This months block is called crown of thorns.  It's going to be a beautiful quilt.  Bright and vibrant the fabric is called ticklish.  

I finally working on last months blocks.. 

This block is called repeating cross.  

All these blocks are made from people who just started sewing.  This summer they have come a long way. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

The beauty of heat patina

The irrational woman 
Depiction of Great Women

     This piece is a depiction of something my husband said to me several years ago.  "Your being an irrational woman."

   This piece is of a woman's with lips,  no eyes, but a beautiful facial structure.  With hair that swirls around by the environment. Is it the wind? Or the internal frazzle of anger.  Or the burning rage of wrath.  

   Are we as women irrational or living so passionaly for a man that we are miss understood.  My moment of irrationality is the lack of empathy a man that I love has for me. 

  When I look at this piece it reminds me to be a women that is lovely and passionate  and to not let anyone tell me who I am.  Not to identify myself by what a man says.  But what I say about myself is more valuable and tangible and validating.   The bible says,
"What a man thinketh so is he."  What do I think of me?  What do you think of you?  What does that inner voice of your heart say?  What others have said of you?  Or what you say of YOU regardless of what has been said?! 

Irrational we are not, but expecting the men we love to come to a hire standard.  To love their wives passionately.  To be sacrificial in their adoration for those they made their commitment too.  To be men of dignity.  Not deceitful or compromising of the integrity that identifies us.  To walk as one in unity and clarity of purpose. 

So ladies let us stand  and speak our truth as the winds in our lives ignite passion in us to be great.  Regardless if we are misunderstood.