Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Father of lights quilt finished

Father of lights Quilt

Pebbles and flowers are wonderful in the center and some sea shells with pebbles surrounding them.  Meander between appliqué.  

On the sides feathers. Feathers all types on the boarder.  


40 beautiful hours of custom quilting.  Several years of working on this quilt.  
Now donated to a church.  

Just binding and I'm really done. So excited.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Unique pincushions

Unique Pincushions Delight

 I love different pincushions wanted to share a flea market find to sewing treasure.  

I found four wooden egg holders.  Honestly I don't know what hey are.  The caught my eye and it was carved wood.  Love the price $2.00 for the set. 

Now making the pincushion to fiit.  

Crushed walnut shells
Batting four layers 
A way to make circles
Fabric.  Upholstery holds the best for pincushions.

Draw on batting cut four layers.  Reason for 4 layers your making a sack and you would like two sides to be strong enough for stuffing into the fabric.  Sew on the line and  trim around and fill with walnuts. 

After stuffing walnuts push to bottom so you have space to sew the circle batting shoot.

Draw a circle on fabric one size larger than your batting circle.  Have on the back two layers like making a open pillow sham .  

Stuff stuff stuff.  It's going to be tight and sometimes if feels like  your not getting anywhere, as your stuffing.  

Sew a button on the center and pull pull pull to get it to dimple.  

Now this little pincushion is bigger than the opening.  You will have to stuff it in the whole and it will take some time to push this little pillow to fit snug in the container.  You can also place glue but I loved the wood and didn't want to damage it. 


This one is my favorite!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

On a mission

On a Mission

I recently found out a wonderful man had been sick has died three times in the process of his sickness.  By miracle he recovered  and was able to leave the hospital.  This man married me and my husband about 21 years ago.  Now he is going through dialysis and I felt in my heart  to bless him and honor his wonderful acts of service in the gospel.  

 I was looking for a pattern to make the quilt.  I looked at crown of thorn pattern,  tree of life pattern,  storm in the sea pattern,  and nothing spoke to me.  I went out with a great friend and a block out of no where stood out.  Repeating cross pattern.   My friend and I soon after, went to pick the colors or fabric. 

In the process of making these  blocks it seemed that problems with my family and my friends family started manifesting.
But with no avail we pressed on 10 1/2 hours the first day.  This is what it looked like befor 4 a.m. 

I wasn't to happy with the busyness and decided to look at if differently.  The next morning.  My friend wasn't too happy with me.. I must say. 

I printed the picture and colored in what solid blocks would look like.  

The change took another 7 hours the next day.    

We still need seven more block to finish and the darker block can ground the quilt.  

Finished but still unsure.  So the next day I built four more dark blocks and pinned them to see if it would look better.  Any way I was going to make a bag for him to carry the quilt when he is sitting at he hospital.  If the block didn't work I could still use them for my other project.  

This is what the  blocks looked like just  pinned on.  

I like it so it was worth the unstitching and rebuilding the quilt.  

Now this is a finished top.  That's ready for quilting. 

24 hours of working on this top I'm delighted and hopeful he will like it.  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Half triangle quilt is done

One quilt finished.  

On an earlier post new quilter  I showed how me quilters are blossoming and this was their first half triangles.  I believe the imperfection of this small throw quilt makes it perfect.  It has been quilted and the binding is completely hand stitch.  

I can honestly say that I like doing the binding for the first time.  I always machine bind and decided that I wanted to grow as a quilter.  I placed the binding on and went to hang out with my sister-in-law and I taught her how to stitch the binding down.  We both sat drinking coffee and she stitched on one end of the table and I stitched on the other end. Having wonderful conversations in the process.  Getting the beautiful work of love done.  

I have had wonderful support in the vision The Lord has given me.  

Now we wait and see who to donate it too.  

I still want to thank Memories by the yard.   A wonderful lady donated two large bags of fabric.  Jan walker a client of mine brought me a large bin full of fabric.  A wonderful lady Gloria who was on a Facebook quilt group donated fabric.   The back fabric is what I used to finish this quilt.  Gloria just gave without even knowing me.   I truly appreciated their donation and want to honor their giving by giving them a large shout out.  

Pop bags

Pop bags 

I have been wanting to make these for some time.  

They were a lot of fun to make and so easy.  

I decided I wanted to see if making a leather bags would be possible to do. 

I  think it's lovely .  

This is the back .  

Designer is....