Monday, July 29, 2013

Suede Leather pincushions

Suede pincushions 

I love suede.. Easy to sew on a regular sewing machine. Suede also comes in beautiful vibrant colors.  One awesome elements of suede it self heals and doesn't show puncture holes.  

Suede is lovely

These are light on the wrist.  It is not cumbersome and since I don't like stuff on my wrist.  Wrist  pincushions tend to be bulky and hinder wrist movement I decided to make my own.  I'm large bone and I made two and decided to try it out for two months..  I really love them and happy with the lightness and  doesn't get in the way when I'm doing work.  On the Longarm or sewing on my machine.  

I'm selling them on etsy.  

Athreadofscarlet is the name on the store. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Custom quilting still in progress

 I love feathers.

This is one of the corners.  I did a swirl with four stems of feathers.

In love with the texture on the center.

This is the side that is finished..

First time learning how to work with rulers.

This is one of the top corners..

What was quilted in the center.

This is a design I saw on YouTube: green fairy quilts ...she is awesome... Check out her blog same name
This is top of quilt.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Etsy Store

I just opened an Etsy store.
Come and check it out. 
is the name  of the store.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Loving the growth

Practices to application

I'm doing this quilt for one of my clients.  I am doing it for free because I want to do a custom quilt.  Now I'm not much into doing custom work and want to gain some experience in the trade.  I do a lot of longarm computer work since I have a Statler.   The Gammill Statler  Stitcher is a blessing but also a crutch.  I love my machine and I have practices for the last several years but now its time to leave the practice fabric and do a quilt and trust your practice.  Sometimes you have to take a step of faith.  

Learning to stitch in the ditch is a skill in it self. 
I stitched every edge of the quilt.  I loved it I got a ruler and for the first time I learned how to work the machine with a ruler.  At first the nerve of doing it on such a lovely quilt then confidence grows as you keep working on the quilt and you see you are getting better.

Quilting the center.  I am learning how to work from the inside out.  I quilted all the white with the swirl feather.  I did the center with a circular feather and trying to highlight the beauty of the quilt.

I am learning what marking tools work the best.  I was told that clover is one of the best white marking tools I didn't get much success.  The pen wouldn't mark I don't know if the pen is old.  I'm using a white pencil marking tool and it seems to work okay.

 On the sides I place a design on the quilt to try to bring out the geometric lines of the quilt.  I'm adding some beautiful lines to fill the space and it has been fun.  Trying new quilting designs  and fills to make this quilt a stand out.

The center of the quilt. I love the texture of the fill. 

This is the side of the quilt the fill is different and will give the out side of the quilt a different texture. 

I hope you enjoy this learning experience with me.  I will post some more as the quilt comes to the finish point.