Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Contagious people

Have you ever been told, "why are you so hard?" Why don't let people do whatever, they are family?  Contagious people!  Contaminated with hatred and bitterness and argument! Should we tolerate because they are family!  Thieves that steal peace and joy, even though they come from the same blood line! Letting them infect us with their addiction and their control!?  If the virus is Ebola would you hang in the same space?   Would you feel guilty for wanting to live and stay healthy?! Would you agree with other who say why aren't you around then? It's just Ebola? If we look at spiritual sicknesses like Ebola maybe we would be less tolerant!

 Hatred is a deadly sin connected to abuse of children, abuse of a spouse within a marriage, murder, and has a stran of the virus passing down generation to generation! We house murderer in prison cells away from us why? We fear the sickness! We fear it's disease if it is in our neighborhood! When the infection has Exceded our control now we cannot have it around us! But seeing an angry man hit his wife - if it's family! Well, it's not that bad! It's when he murders her is when we say, "his sickness needs to be judged and contained!"  And even then if he is family we still may stand for his defense, " it was her that drove him! "

 Greed has contaminate justice and the legal system!  Allowing immigrants to be held hostage as slaves to produce income through the weak that aren't seen a legal citizens! Before we had black slavery now we have underground immigrant trade and child prostitution!  Money through the suffering of others! 

How can this not be an Ebola like infecting and destroying the integrity of humans? 

Do we even know what integrity is anymore or has compromise infected the DNA makeup of what it originally looked like! 

I don't know sometimes I sit and wonder 
Is it better for me to be safe from the infected family member?  Every time I look I say, yes! That insanity is contagious! I don't want my children to learn their ways! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Wavy Border Prevention & Why Longarm Quilters panic.

Hey,  Melony Hope you like this video.  Thank you for your wonderful help. 
 I so had a great time learning from a pro. 
Then internal struggle of fixing  a wavy border only longarm quilters understand.