Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trying new thing!

My own design that still needs some tweeking 

This square has 4 of these to make the top!  

I'm going to change it go make it more consistent.  I did to many small strips !!

But this is what a quilt top can look like!  

Monday, February 23, 2015


Sometimes I feel the juices of creativity burning up in me and then some how it fizzles out.  I was watching this guy on YouTube doing some beautiful line drawings and was so excited with the process.   So as I was sitting around I started doodling some things and to really think about what is coming a head.  People ask me what my plans are, and really I just want to be happy.

  So those are my plans to do thing that make me laugh.  Work on things that are worth my time and investment.  Stay away from complaints and nagging and anger and bitterness and choose to be free from these shackles of the heart. 
I like where I am.  Its peaceful and quiet and I have decided  that I don't have to prove anything to anyone.  See freedom does that.  Freedom means to be without restraint.  Opinions of what we should be or do are elements of restraint.  They are standards that those that place them on us can't themselves maintain them.  No ones opinion matter.  If I feel I'm an artist today.  I'm an artist today.  Like a child they believe freely of the open possibilities of never ending limitation. We are not truly limited unless we believe we are.  So I'm choosing this year to believe I'm an artist.  

I Choose to Soar
Sometimes the peddles in me want to soar. 
But the stem says, "No, you need to stay with me"
The stem declare as it keeps me anchored in "I make you grow."
But the wind draws me away. As it whispers "Come and Play!"
It caresses my peddle as the wind dances around me. 
So I decide I have to let go of the stem. 
So I can experience the dancing wind
take me where I never thought I could go. 
I choose to Soar.

I love feathers.  They don't have order.  They aren't controlled and they are beautiful just the way they were created. Flowing in and out.  Some big and some small.  Together they fit perfectly.

 The only limitations we have in life are the ones we placed on ourselves or when we believe what other say our limitations are. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Super hero quilt is finished

Super hero quilt finished

Things I learned about this quilt.  Well I had issues with the fabric stretching!   I think I unintentionally cut the fabric on the bias! It stretched and when I quilted it, it shifted making it hard to be square!  When it was on the Longarm I had to steam the fabric to get rid of puddling!  

I used that soft stretch fabric which didn't help either! 

My son doesn't seem to care.  He loves it! 

I wish it would of not shifted so much!  Now to the next one!