Saturday, April 25, 2015

Special Moment Be Aware of the Lender!

Special Moments

So today is a special moment in my life.  It is the moment of freedom.  Have you ever place yourself in a situation that you never thought would get sticky.  Sometimes you walk on quick sand and didn't even notice that it was quick sand  until you start to sink into the mess of it. 

Well in the declaration of my special moment I have done the last and final payment on my Longarm Quilting Machine.  $40,000.00 and seven years later.  I have learned that nothing is worth hindering your creativity. 

Lenders are like slave owners that feel that  any moment they can come and  take back what they feel is theirs.  So now the Longarm is completely mine and It is mine to enslave or cherish or entertain.  No one can claim or declare that they have a right to anything.  Now whatever was used against me had been voided out and removed.  When the bill is paid the lender has no rights any longer.  None of theirs complaints  matter.  They have no right to confiscate.  They  have no rights to in prison.  In some countries those that don't pay their debt end up in prison to repay their debt. 

In America we don't have those concepts.  Debt is part of the life in America.  I'm going to college and one of the factors that I have been dealing with is to not get school loans.  Remember lenders are slave owners. 

Debt can also tarnish your character.  We call that a credit report.  It is also character assassination.  It can be as symbolic as slander.  Those that complain about you are giving ypu s low credit report and slandering your character based on your history.  The history they want to reveal and leave the fullness of a situation out.  Sometimes credit reports are true and sometimes they don't reveal the whole story.  Even when your paying your debt lenders are self-seeking and waiting for the moment that they can have a cause against you.  Aquiring  late fees and even taking a charge to change the term of the loan! If they could the will raise the interest rates! They know your are enslaved!   Waiting desperately wanting you to falter. 

I like it when Jesus says, "It is Finished." He had paid for the debt of our sin and he had been the one that was able to establish freedom and declare that sin had no right to come and claim us any longer.  The keys of death were removed from the lender Satan and Satan could no more come and take what he felt was indebted to him. 

Remember Adam ate of the forbidden fruit which opened the door to sin.  He never knew that Satan was setting him up to become a slave to the lender Satan. Who promised knowledge and wisdom and to know and think like God.  Sin is powerful, Paul says you can become a slave to sin. 

Paul even declares that Christ came to make you slave of Righteousness. 

  Debt free and fancy free.  Now when I get a job all the money will be mine.  No school loan lender has a right to place his hand in my pocket or bank account.  The money that is made belongs to that one that makes it. 

When I touch my longarm my lender has no more judgment or cause against me.  Because the full payment has declared, "It is Finished."  You can come here no more.  The debt is paid.  That's the beauty of Christ.  We are free.  Completely free.  Satan can't come and accuse us no more, because Christ has paid for what we could afford to pay.  The sin of debt. 

So I declare to you.  Don't take nothing from no one.  You never know if the lender is an enslaver

So don't take it personal lenders.   Only the borrow know the burdens and the struggles your enslavements have caused.    The beauty is Now I don't Have TOOOO deal with you anymore. 

"It is FINISHED."  Lender it is Finished.  You have nothing on me anymore.  

Thank you Jesus.  He said, "It is finished."

Friday, April 17, 2015

Sneak Peek

Sneak peek 

Just wanted to share some progress of this quilted.  I have stitched the top half with grid marks of the design on the quilt!   

Then decided to start filling in the space I wanted quilted with feathers. 

I'm getting my feather grove back.  

Love it and am excited! Can't wait to see it finished! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Marking Tools that REALLY Worth buying

Marking Tools
I don't know about you but I hate spending money on something that doesn't do what I bought it for.
I have bought a lot of marking tool for quilting or applique.  Some of the marking tools were close to $10 a pop and they didn't work at all. 
 I had one marking tool that I used for a Dark Quilt and I almost went into a tail spin panic because it didn't dissolve like it said it would and had to find other ways of removing the marking.
So I wanted to share what works for me! I'm not an expert on Marking tools, but I love buying tools that work.  I found a couple of them that work great!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Don't give Up

Don't give on your vision

I was working on a quilt that has become a permanent element in my home!

I told the owner that I was going to unstitched the quilt and do a simple panto on it to get it out of my house! 

The owner told me to keep going and don't give up! 

I stitched in the ditch and added 2 layers of batting and started working on the vision of my design! As I was quilting I noticed the with fabric had this  paint that made the needle punctures look large! 

I placed it on the machine wrestling with should I stop or should keep going!  

But suddenly as I worked on it and just walked away from it!  As I would walk by it through the day I don't see the mistakes! 

I become inspired! 
If I would of quite I would of never come to this moment! 

Sometimes the details don't reveal the whole story! 

Distance in quilting is beneficial! 

As the shadows of the sun reflects on the quilt it highlight the feathers and the design comes alive! I start to see what I had in my head come alive on this quilt top! 


The pinwheel even rises slightly showing the piecers work. 


I think when I'm done this could be a unique Beauty! 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Amish Diamond Star Block

Amish Diamond Star Block 

I really do like black and bright fabric blocks!  I have to some how make everything meaning full.  Like a poet writing his tragic love song! 

Maybe in darkness uniqueness comes forth brighter!   The Amish are simple and live life simply to reveal the brightness of integrity, hard work, and unity! 

So here the quilt top not pieced but planned! 

And here is the video:
Live brightly even in Darkness. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015



I have been married 24 years. Sadly the loneliest times in my life have been in the Marriage! It's Kind of confusing. How could you be lonely and married? I guess it's because some how the other person hasn't heard the heart that was sharerd!  

Even somehow turned the tenderness of the words in to useful weapons.  When it convenient to throw a private assault. When one didn't expect the arrival of the same tender words becoming sharp arrow penetrating, piercing, and assaulting the soul.  

It seems in society we don't want to be alone.  We don't want to feel alone.  Is being alone bad?  Like this small boat!  We want many, much, abundance, and still super size it kind of life! 

We promote marriage without sharing that it is where you feel the loneliest.  The person that supported to be with you.  Doesn't even see you!  Not the physical you, but you! Your vision, your heart, your wounds, and to see you!  The word see means to behold!  

Jesus say who do you say I am?  He didn't ask strangers he ask those that were walking with him!  He ask those that followed him.  Those that proclaimed their love for him them the disciples! 

Everyone had an opinion. They didn't know him either!  Days and years and months together he saw that they didn't see Him! 

As I look out to this water I feel like Him unseen!  Unheard! Unknown!  

It really doesn't matter if your alone! Even when you with others in a crowded room you feel alone!  As I was watching the fisher man in his single boat all alone the sun (Son) is there. Hitting the water reflecting itself for the to sea and acknowledge they are seen.   

Shining a direct rippled road.  Making a path glistening. Allowing us to know he is there.  As the wind shifts the water revealing a path to himself! 

He even says, "Come if you are thirsty or hungry."  If your thirsty for peace, hungry for love, wanting to feel whole again, or just wanting to find who you really are called to be.  We think that if we marry, get a degree, do what everyone wants, please people, and do great things with ourselves that we will feel full internally.  Like you do when you have a great meal. Sadly after everything is said and done we are dissatisfied and don't understand.  Why am I not happy, whole, or even content?  I accomplished my goal.  I did what I thought would fix me.  I look accomplished and fixed but why do I still feel lost? 

The truth is the inner man, the spirit, the soul, the emotional heart, and the running mind can't be satisfied with external things.  Only Jesus can satisfy that place.  He will not allow anyone or anything to fix that place that is personal and sacred.  That place personally belongs to Him and only when we come to Him fully will we be whole. 

We can be married but single in the spirit of our heart.  Alone among many.  Until we Marry this savior is where oneness can be found.  Where loneliness dissolves and internal passion ignites.  Have you Married Him?  The Savior of you Soul.  The Bride Groom He is called. 

Your children can't fix your brokenness!  Your husband can't heal your childhood sadness.  Your wife can't determine your value.  Your job or boss can't determine your worth.  Whether we like it or not the hunger and thirst is internal.  Jesus says,  "Come I have what you need.  I know you." He even says, "In the womb he knows you." 

The beauty of who He is.  He himself has suffered our hardships.  Rejection, hated, persecuted, devastation, being an innocent victim, from us, and still He wants us.  Longs for Us.  Willing to be on the cross. 
Jesus even felt forsaken.  He cried it out on the cross! Why father have you forsaken me?  Don't you know I did this out of obedience to you and I feel more alone than ever!  The Father was there watching from afar!  Like I was watching the single fisher man from afar!  

So when you feel alone married to people who say they love you then crucify you.  Feeling the most alone.  Loving when your unloved, sacrificing yourself for them as they don't realize the cost, and enduring the sadness.  Know your  among great company!  Our savior suffered the same way! 

As you pay the price for others their is a true lover and husband Jesus.  He says he is "The Lover Of Your Soul!" 
Yes he says he is a "Lover."