Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Easy Binding

Blogger integrity...
  I'm new to the blog community and just recently saw a blog that looked real similar to a YouTube video I did  June of 2011 called it easy binding. She just posted it this Feb 21, 2013 and I did the video two years before.   The difference is she hand stitched the binding and pinned the folds.  I sewed the binding and tacked the fold by using elmers glue.  Sadly the idea and process is the same. 

  This is my video.

 In this video I'm sharing my favorite things that have so helped me do my work.  It also is reveals, the fact that, I'm not a great binder.  I really don't like hand binding but you can hand bind this binding  it will work either way. 

 I am sewing the binding on the quilt and tacking it down with wash away elmers glue.   This keeps the fabric from shifting when the sewing maching is sewing the binding.  Allowing a clean straight line.   

I love YouTube and blogs and tutorials and teaching videos.  The wonderful people from our community have shared their love and passion of creating...
Crafters, quilters, embroiders, metal artists, and Longarm quilters have brought to my life a great love of wanting to be creative and innovative in my passion.    I so want to inspire like I have been inspired by some thread artists. 

 I vowel to you my viewer that what is on this blog will be my work.

And if it is not my idea, work, or design.   I will give a shout out and credit to the person who is due credit of their work..    

 Please be kind enough to support your inspirer and give them credit and encourage them and validate their effort.

 My friend Melony told me quilter are wonderful people who love to share with each other.  We wouldn't have these great block if it wasn't for the community of designers and creators.   We need each other.  Please don't hinder that gift  by taking credit of someone else's work.