Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bias tape


A pretty good gadget

This is a bias tape tool. This gadget us a 1/2 size bias maker.  You cut your strips and slid it in.  

There a slit on the gadget get a pin to pull it through. 

Pull some fabric through

Flip the gadget and have you iron hot and ready.  Pull the fabric through.  I like ironing on this end better than it on the yellow side. I had better control of the fabric folding over then where you see the two folds.

Pull and iron.  Have your iron real hot.  

I really like this gadget.  There are different sizes and the price for each gadget is $8 at Joann's they have 50% coupons which makes it worth the buy.  The bias is consistent and this tool makes it easy to make even when it crosses over the seam line. 

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