Friday, December 16, 2016

Lazy men (What a daughter sees in her father!)

Lazy men

I don't know where lazy men come from but I have seen their destruction in their own eyes of there wives!   I have seen the eyes of hungry children as these men just, somehow don't seem to see!  They don't see that because the don't respond- because they don't stand up- because they choose to not do the right thing - they not only destroy themselves but everyone else around them!  

I have seen how laziness has broken the heart of my mother as her eyes are full of stress because the Burden of what men have done to her, having weighed her soul- destroyed her hope and taken captive faith.  Faith is destroyed because of those faithless scoundrels that don't do the right thing.  

I sit watching lazy sons who choose to not do right by their mother now don't do the right to their lovers..

Lazy men destroy one women then find another... As if deceiving these tender hearted and gullible woman children who desperately seek love as if it's like 

We as little girls are told Prince Charming is on his way -- then the enemy sends him who looks like prince but is a thief and a con and a deceiver!  We as little girls don't see the truth because Disney showed us differently!  It glazes our eyes with wrong perspective and deceptions that we want to believe the lie -  why we believe the lie because the truth is too horrible to conceive.

  Why hasn't Disney showed the truth- and warned the little girl--that not all men are prince- not all men are honorable- not all men honest.. 

Why did I see the truth through the suffering of my mother? Seeing the prince leave and go to another! He refused to be a real father, but a coward? 
A lazy father not just to me but many others!  They don't take blame for why they left- they don't look at what they have done- they don't even recognize the harm.  The lazy man say, "it was your mother why I didn't feed you. " It was your mother that took you!  It's your mother who made me a lazy man.. 

But oh yeah why lazy man did you do this harm to many more woman than just my mother? 

The lazy man never sees his wrong- only thinks of himself being done wrong too! How dare she want me to work!!!  Oh, my God how dare she call me out- calling me the lazy man.  Because she is calling me out, I the lazy man  on purpose I won't do anything... Even though I wasn't doing anything... But now I won't do anything... Just to show her.. She is wrong about me.  I was going to do something says the lazy man -- but because she said that to me!!! I will just do nothing!    I the lazy man will punishe her - teach her- show her-- 

Lazy man --I look at you -- and say she never needed you!!  You lying Prince Charming deceiver of young girls hearts!  Little girls don't wait for him.., you should make him chase you!!   You should make him prove himself to you!!!   You should not trust just any man ...because one day    You will find out he really didn't love you but wanted to use you!  And wanted to enslave you, because he needed you!  

Friday, December 9, 2016

T-shirt quilts

Sometimes these quilts are not my favorite but this quilt turned out lovely! 


Monday, November 21, 2016

International Quiltfest of 2016

Houston Quilt Show of 2016

This video has traditional pieced quilts, paper piecing, and modern quilts..
Enjoy it is full of eye candy for textile artist and quit makers. 

This video has the winners of the Quilt show and a lot of beautiful art quilts. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Faithful enemies

Faithful Enemies

Have you ever had an enemy that was relentless in their opinion against you!   Constantly judging you and holding you in account of what you have done?   They rise up early hoping for your worst!   Wanting you to pay them for the harm they say you caused - they only want you to pay but they want to slay you as if they have a right to imprison you with their cause against you!  

My enemies have been faithful!   They have been committed to hate me- pray against me- get others to join their cause - convincing other of who they say I am!  An evil Vilan deserving of vengeance!  

Constantly spying around checking my Facebook and even reading this blog!   I know you my faithful enemy !  Who feel you have just cause! The truth is my faithful enemy nothing-- I do will be enough for you! 

 My death wouldn't satisfy you! Even if I give you what you want! It won't be enough!  Even if I pay my debt - which I have - doesn't even seem to give you rest!   Months later you will ask for more but even then if I gave it to you it won't be enough!

 If you see me suffer you will say it's because of what you feel I did to you! Deservingly so you will feel pride of God vindicating you and applauding your hateful way - smiling smirkingly - as if God is on your side!  If you see me succeed its that I got away with it - and it's not fair that I'm okay!  How is this fair???   You even cry of how horrible I am!  How horrible I have hidden myself from your un-forgiveness! How will God not judge me, because you feel you have a place to judge!   It's your jealousy soul that hate me unjustly!  

 Would you like to deal with yourself one day?   Someone relentless unforgiving as you!  Would you want to be forgiven or are you so perfect never doing anyone wrong!   

I love you enemy of mine so loyal you are to stay in the fight!  Why do you want me around hating me so!  You say you want my love but didn't you say I'm evil!  Which is it that you say I am!  Full of talk that I am nothing, but then it frustrates you that I'm doing something!  Should I bow down to you as if you are my God?  Should I sell you my children as if that will be enough?   Can I give you my soul  would that even be enough?

Hating other is your love feast!  Judging others is your delight!  Unforgiveness is your cause.  
It's okay if you love to hate! It works for you!   I know it keeps your eyes from seeing the truth as long as you keep attacking others - and everybody who doesn't - obey you!   It's a great distraction from you ---seeing you!   -- 

Keep hitting in the air!  I honestly don't care!  You make me laugh!  I have the upper hand!  I got your attention!  I'm what you focus on!  I honestly didn't think I had that much power!  I didnt think I determine your happiness!  Do yourself a favor- see yourself! Forgive your enemy!  Also forgive yourself! 

Your a faithful enemy that can't let go - I'm so glad that I'm free!  I don't hate you!  I don't want to know you!   I don't have an opinion of you! I just see you!  I know you hate me for that too!   Mind your own business - tend to your own house maybe if you were faithful in your own life you would find happiness!  Maybe if you fix your heart you will have success !   Do yourself a favor - stop wanting mine!  I'm not sharing my future with you! Even If you think I owe you. 



Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Scrap Challenge

Come join us in the fun of making something out of your scraps !

Challenge ends October 10th!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Mist of the Potter's Wheel

In the Mist of The Potters Wheel

The other day I was reading my bible and a verse just spoke to my heart.  In Joshua 1:5 I read the text where it said"" that God talked to him telling Him I will not fail you. 

(There shall not any man be able to stand before thee in all days of thy life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee:  I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee,.. Josh 1:5)

It truly was a significant word for me.  It was a late night praying for the circumstance that came from nowhere.  Feeling despair and lose and the panic of the events that consumed my days.  There is a Scripture that is significant in Ephesians the Evil Day.  In the text is says, And having done all, To stand.  Stand Therefore... Eph 6:13

There are going to be days in our life where we experience Evil.  The evil day is a necessary part of walking in this world.  This is where you learn how to Stand.  Not move from your faith.  Not waver in Doubt.  Trust Your God that regardless of what you see there is light. 

I will not fail you was powerful to read at the moment I stood in chock and fear.

Through the days that seemed to pass by and I stood  holding on.   Telling my self don't let go keep holding on!  I saw God share His wisdom to me.. God never intends evil to consume us, but it is a tool to make us.. Shape us.. take us where we would not go. 

Throughout the day I looked at a video of a potter marring clay.  God told Jeremiah Go to the potters house.  So I looked up a video of what potters do. 

 I saw the potter crush the clay several times.  I sat watchful seeing the potter soften the hard clay.  As he crushed it you see the moister consume the piece and soften the once hard block of clay. The potter would rise the clay then bring the clay to nothing again.  I guess crushing is good.  Especially in us- it softens the heart, it removes pride, it teaches patience, and shows us self will need to be consumed to nothing.   At first I didn't understand why God allowed failure, short comings, delays, or even loss.  Now I understand that in that God is doing His greatest work.  Because its His hands that are creating it.  In us to become more than what we are now...For His purpose. 

Then I saw the potter build up clay.  The clay has to be moldable, pliable, moist, and yielded to the hand of the potter.  The clay had no say, just to submit to the hands of the potter.  I guess that what surrender is.  Us giving God, our will, to Him  to do whatever He want in our lives and in our children's lives. If we are really marred our opinion doesn't matter.  Because you trust The Potters Hands that he knows what he can do with you and Knows the best for you. 

I guess Him say, "I will never Fail you..."  Is an assurance that He got it. Even if you feel the spinning and the crushing. 

Others may want Evil for you too.  They may even hope for your failure, for you to fall apart, and break.   In the end they are just going to be surprised.  What they wanted for you was really for your good and God used it as a tool to give you greater success.  Look at Jesus and Judas the kiss didn't destroy Jesus.   Neither did the cross.  It was just a tool to get Jesus to a greater, more powerful position, and fuller authority.  

With God Who can be against us?? Especially when He Promises not to fail Us.

Thread that glows in the Dark

Glow in the Dark Thread with echo

Glow in the Dark Meandering

Trapunto Rose with Solar Active Thread

Trapunto Rose

First try: 
Sometimes ideas and doing don't come together as well as one would like!  The greatest lessons  is you learn so much when you try something new! 

I used 2 layers of batting.  I used a regulate sewing machine!   The quilting was hard to do and the marking was hard to see. 

Second attempt

I hooped top fabric and 2 layers of batting! I digitized a line drawing of a rose! 

I embroidered this rose and removed the batting from the back side!

This is my second try! I cut out the batting from the back and quilted it on my Longarm! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

All she needs

All she needs is quilting  on the borders
I have been working on this quilt for quiet a while and now I can see the hard work coming to life.
The beauty of this quilt and the design is so wonderful to come into practice. I remember this quilt hanging over my longarm wondering what could I do?  How do I design it?  I had it hanging around for a good 4 months just thinking about the design of the quilt..  When I quilted the center diamond I remember even calling my friend to take it back and that I didn't want to do it.   I was scared I wasn't good enough and didn't want to ruin my friends quilt.  I love my friend because she said, "Keep it.  I know you will do something beautiful."  With doubt in my heart and fear of failure.  I pressed on. 

I think I have grown the most with this quilt.  I would work on it sporadically and with no expectation.  Once I quilted the center diamond everything seemed to of clicked.  I found a design that created interest and at the same time highlighted the piercers work.
I learned straight line quilting, I learned stitching in the ditch, I gained much practice on feathers, pebbles, and  shells.  I tried out different marking tools and found my favorite out of the many.  I also tried different rulers, Lisa Callies,  Dritz stitch in the ditch, and my favorite Apothecaries Ruler.  I also found a wonder full extended table for my longarm so that I would be able to straight line quilt without hesitation from my old table that would get stuck. 
I have made countless videos on  with this quilt.  It has really been an work of love. 
I have sat on this quilt on the hardest days of my life, trying to find strength for another day and allowed this quilt to get my focus back. 
 I have cried and allowed myself to find healing as I would sit for countless hours quilting.  I would pray as I quilted  and in the rhythm of the movement and the purring of the motor some how I found my answers and peace.  I have listened to beautiful Christian music and had my dogs sitting near by as I would work on this quilt.  One time  my dog stretched out in such a strange position with such peace I even feel she was touched by the peace. 
I have had this quilt a long time and Its almost time to let her go.  I thank her for everything she has given me. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dear Mothers

Dear Mothers

Powerful and unsure!  You are the threat of the enemy that's why he want you to feel demeaned or inferior! 

Satan feared Mary the mother of Jesus because God declared through Eve and to Eve "

Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity  between thee and the woman,and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head,and thou shalt bruise his heel." 

He was telling Eve the serpent  that deceived you - will be an enemy to you- one day your descendant Jesus will bruise Satans head and through you Eve in Jesus you will have the victory against the serpent satan! 

So dear mothers you are powerful!  A threat! You are a source to bring life!   You are unknowingly wonderful!  

I pray you dear mothers know who you are! Be fearless- so your children travel this earth without regret!  

Forgive yourself so your children see that mistakes aren't the identity to undertake but a lesson to learn from and build on!  

Be builders of yourself a so your children know it's okay to grow! 

 Be educated- so your children value intelligence and determine not to be ignorant! 

 Be willing to stand alone! So your children learn to stand for their values and not follow others!  When they see that you can stand and have success without a man - your children will see that In themselves is where real success starts! 

Believe in your ability-so your children aren't afraid to challenge themselves to be greater than where they are! 

Dear mothers don't let anyone destroy you! Remember your children are watching you! And will do what you do! 

You are the beloved of God! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Contagious people

Have you ever been told, "why are you so hard?" Why don't let people do whatever, they are family?  Contagious people!  Contaminated with hatred and bitterness and argument! Should we tolerate because they are family!  Thieves that steal peace and joy, even though they come from the same blood line! Letting them infect us with their addiction and their control!?  If the virus is Ebola would you hang in the same space?   Would you feel guilty for wanting to live and stay healthy?! Would you agree with other who say why aren't you around then? It's just Ebola? If we look at spiritual sicknesses like Ebola maybe we would be less tolerant!

 Hatred is a deadly sin connected to abuse of children, abuse of a spouse within a marriage, murder, and has a stran of the virus passing down generation to generation! We house murderer in prison cells away from us why? We fear the sickness! We fear it's disease if it is in our neighborhood! When the infection has Exceded our control now we cannot have it around us! But seeing an angry man hit his wife - if it's family! Well, it's not that bad! It's when he murders her is when we say, "his sickness needs to be judged and contained!"  And even then if he is family we still may stand for his defense, " it was her that drove him! "

 Greed has contaminate justice and the legal system!  Allowing immigrants to be held hostage as slaves to produce income through the weak that aren't seen a legal citizens! Before we had black slavery now we have underground immigrant trade and child prostitution!  Money through the suffering of others! 

How can this not be an Ebola like infecting and destroying the integrity of humans? 

Do we even know what integrity is anymore or has compromise infected the DNA makeup of what it originally looked like! 

I don't know sometimes I sit and wonder 
Is it better for me to be safe from the infected family member?  Every time I look I say, yes! That insanity is contagious! I don't want my children to learn their ways! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Wavy Border Prevention & Why Longarm Quilters panic.

Hey,  Melony Hope you like this video.  Thank you for your wonderful help. 
 I so had a great time learning from a pro. 
Then internal struggle of fixing  a wavy border only longarm quilters understand.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Using cards for quilting inspiration!

Hearts, hearts, hearts,

This card is going to be fun to recreate! I found it in Pinterest ! 

I didn't want the full card but the background! The positive and negative space that you see in this card! 

In quilting what we love and are inspired by is the area that is rising and the area that is pressed down! That is called positive and negative space! 


I measured my fabric in half and drew lines to turn it into four squares! One side I drew a heart and quilted the inside on the right side I quilted the outside of the heart ! 

On each row I alternated the areas where I quilted! 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Quilting on a sewing machine

I'm working on this wonderful skill that reveals to me I'm not there yet!  It's like an out of shaped person wanting to run a 5k!   If you have not put in the time don't expect to finish with ease!  

My mind says, "I can! " My hearts says, " it's not that hard!" 
Then I do the work the results aren't what hoped! 
That's when you start something new!  Be ready to struggle and even fail!  This is where true success starts!  When you keep trying even when you see that your not where you want to be yet! 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Machine Maintiance.

Longarm  Maintiance

How to keep you machine in great condition. 

How to clean motor brushes.
How to clean bobbin area.
How to keep regulator senor clean.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Fluttering feathers

Have you ever planned to create something and life got in the way?  

Creativity is a wonderful gift that if you make time to do it!  
Life can take over and keep you from being in that place of accomplishing that vision in your heart! 
When you do it you will accomplish something inspiring!