Thursday, August 29, 2013

Embroidery Business

Embroidery Business
     I have the greatest job.  Sometimes I don't appreciate it as much as I should.  An Embroidery business from my own home.   I started about 8 years ago and buying my first embroidery machine has been the smartest purchase I have ever made.  It cost quit a bit and the program to digitize wasn't cheap either.  Once you have both creativity is without limits.  Doing embroidery work is never the same.  One week I'm doing hats and the next week I'm doing names on jerseys.    I have also done leather work which was so much fun. 

         If you do good work and are reasonable with your prices.  You can have a great group of clients that will bring you work throughout the year.  My business is word of mouth.  I do not advertise because I truly like the work not the money.  Embroidery companies are charging $15 to $30 for just putting a name on a backpack. 
        I call that highway robbery.  I charge half that and still make quite a bit of money.  If you buy thread whole sale and stabilizer by bulk there isn't any reason to ripe people off.  When it only takes 15 minutes to place a name on a backpack and that is with set up and stitching.  Stitching only takes for a name on a backpack 3 to 5 minutes.  Seriously.   

        One thing I recommend love what you are doing.  Money will not help when you are overloaded with work and you don't have a life for two or three weeks because your business is flourishing.  Sometimes this business becomes your life for a moment and you best enjoy the process and love it.  I really enjoy seeing all my football jerseys on the kids that I don't know, wearing the work, I did for the youth association.  

To be honest having an embroidery machine is better than wearing an diamond ring.  They cost about the same but this asset is an asset in it self and still provides extra income for the family.   Every years what I pay for my machines it pays for itself all over again. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013




This is  a satin fabric that I was going to throw away.. But nothing like practice.. I have learned that quilting has the potential to make something blahh..into ahhh.. That's right beautiful.. 


Three layers of batting .. Poly batting 
Satin top fabric.
So fine burgundy thread on top
Regular quilt thread back