Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Its all about effort..

 It's all about effort.

Today I had a family member want to start a business like mine.  She wants to work a new business and make millions of dollars.   The truth is everything as the potential to make an income.  It's all about your effort to work and go towards your goals.  The goal has to be a focus and determination even when things are not going the way you want or getting the result you want.  It takes effort to try and keep going.  Our society has the ability to get everything so quickly and easy come they say... When it comes easy it is also easy to walk away.. to let it die.. give it up.  

A good marriage it's all about the effort..   When you started you put in the effort.   Dressed up.   Cleaned your environment and yourself up.  You put in the effort.  In a bad marriage someone in the journey stopped putting in the effort.  

Everything you want its truly totally about YOUR EFFORT...  

That what I told my family member its up to you and the amount of effort you want to apply to your goals, dreams, and reaching the result you want.  

So Slow going but still putting effort into my health, my marriage, my children, and my business...


Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Burnout and how I struggle


    Burnout and how it has impacted me and trying to move forward.  I feel so slow and struggling to move into the next thing.   I think much of my life I plow through every problem, every conflict, every disappointment, and every emotional distress.  There seems to be moments in my life where I just can't no more move forward, move on, or just do one more step.  Then I have to heal what I cannot plow through.  Sometimes in life I think its the stumbling stone that I just can't overcome.  Or is it the multiple issues that add up.  

    I tend to have this burnout every January and I feel January is a time to start new but for me its the time to deal with the year before and every thing it brought to me.  Its the time I have to remove all the old files..  It's a time of reflection of what I need to change and what I need to do better.  I also take this time to decide where I want to go...

This year I want to do what makes me happy..

But then I have to figure out what makes you happy

Making something that something I Love... something for me..

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

How to make your own longarm quilting zipper leaders

 How to make your own longarm quilting zipper  leaders

What you need to Make Zipper leaders.

Duck Canvas

Zipper Leaders/ Purchased at Linda's Electric Quilting

Sharpy to make the Canvas

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Jealous Friends


Jealous Friend

I'm not a jealous person. So my mind and my heart can not understand what it is like to be jealous of another person.  I tend to walk away from any of that behavior.  When I see someone on success.  I have to not just look at success but the work and effort and time that it took to get to that present victory they are experiencing.    

I have been doing Youtube since 2014 and I still feel like I'm working and struggling and plowing to get to a victory line.  But what really is success?  Some will say on Youtube that if you hit a million subscribers that you made it.  I see content creators looking at themselves still not being satisfied with that victory.   Other may see you are successful but you see yourself as a person that is still struggling, suffering through, and still limited or even inadequate.  

The reality  success is viewed different from the person that is being seen.  To the person that is seeing..  People may see me and think wow what a great life.  My experience maybe different.   I see the journey.  I see the suffering.  I see the determination.  I may see with all the work I am doing, that I'm still not where I want to be.   

I think jealous friend want what other have but are not willing to put the work in.   They just want it as if they deserve it or as if it is owed to them.    Without the time or energy to get it.  Jealous friends will join you and speak sweet words to you so they can use you and benefits from you.  They will be flatters and judges behind your back.  They will act like your cheerleader while they complain about you when they see you faults.  They are wanting to see your failures so they can  calm that jealous heart of theirs. 

Jealous friends are selfish and self-seeking and destructive and thieves.  They friend you so they can steal from you.  Trying to get it without the effort; without the Time; without the determination.  They are line cutter and cheaters of systems.   River riders willing to allow the current push them.  Quitters when they have to push themselves and go against the current.  

I have learned some wonderful lessons... Jealous friends will always be jealous... they will never shine in their own light when they keep wanting yours.  They will never blossom when they are focused on your growth.  

Jealous friends are not something that is part of me.  Let them see me.  Let them complain about me.  Let them be who they really are behind my back.   They know who they are.  Sadly they can never be free... 

We all may want what someone else has.  Consider deeply..   A family member said I want to do what you do I said okay well .. let’s talk editing.. let’s talk equipment expense… let’s talk time.. let’s talk working for nothing for a year.. let’s talk doing something when no one even sees you.  All you have is cost and no gain.. Not just for a couple days but for years. When you all in and nothing to show for it.   Then 7 years later,  20 years later you.. you start getting seen! 

What are you really jealous my friend.   

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Some of my favorite notions and sewing tools..

 I’m sharing .. scissors  sitters.. needle minders.. making tools for dark fabric.. ironing boards.. and water sprayers.. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

The Accusers on Youtube



Recently I found some comments on my YouTube channel where I was accused of being a thief.  

In one comment someone stated, “I hope you get sued for everything you have.”  

Well first of all I’m really not that important in this world that my everything would be worth taking.  It’s like an I circling of bat holders thinking they have a right to pound on you as if I broke into their home and took their possessions.  

  The truth is two years ago I posted a video on a quilting design that I found on Pinterest.  I posted the Picture of the Pinterest pin trying to give credit to the creator of the design and acknowledging that It was not my idea and  (oh that i found the picture on Pinterest. ) I don’t know how clear I could of been.  I stated, “ the quilting was so beautiful I wanted to see if I could quilt it.”  I truly wanted to learn and if I knew the name of the creator I would of boldly, loudly, and unashamedly stated the creators. Name. 

 One thing I am not is a thief.

   Oh, an let me just share how much money the video made me $3.00 I got less than 300 view and the video was so short that no one not even YouTube was willing to promote the video.  In this design I did three different video trying to create the  design and in one area I changed it and made it my own..  In the other two videos I marked on one $2.34 and on the other one I made $10.00.    So I am a thief for 15.00..

 I donate more than that to my church (multiply 10000x 15.00=$15000.00  and more to my church every year in tithes.  None of that matters when people feel they have a right to judge you.  

My camera cost more than that.  My editing program.  The go pro I used to film the video.  The longarm that I did the quilting cost more.  Not including the hell I went through to pay the Longarm off.  The video aren’t even worth the time I invested into them.  Oh and in the last year no one even cared to even look at them..

These five pitch fork comment typiers think they have a right to just point their written words at me.

People want to see what they want to. The truth is the commenters doesn’t  know me in anyway.  There is truly no great benefits for me to share my content on YouTube when the cost to do it is so extreme and the benefit is so small.  I have been trying to be kind and giving and loving to strangers that don’t even know me and are ready to pin me to a stake the moment they feel that I a stranger have failed them.  It’s honestly crazy how I am a none controversial person in the mist of controversy.  

Shamefully and easily people want to attack others without any recourse of their behavior.  I sit and wonder What the hell is wrong with your life that you are so ready to destroy mine.  Who the hell are you..  To judge me before you have taken the plank out of your own eye.  Also what is wrong with people that they would want the worse for others, even by stating so proudly, “I hope you get sued and get everything taken from you.”   I sit and wonder would  this hateful person want the same for himself or herself?  

Remember people and citizens of this internet society.  With what measures you judge others it will be measured back to you.  Just because you don’t believe in God or that he is a Judge of our behavior doesn’t mean in your ignorance that He will not judge You.  

  Because let us all be clear there is a God “Demons know there is a God and they tremble...”. And if you don’t believe there is one then you are dumber than a demon.