Sunday, June 29, 2014

New quilters

Off to a great start

Many of the  square blocks are made by people who have never sewn before.  Our first gathering we did a nine block.  

They loved it so much they ask to do another gathering two weeks later.  

We did triangles blocks.  Now at first the group was quiet and struggled.  But after the first block they got the hang of it.  

I wanted to thank

Memories by the yard.  In San Antonio Texas.  One of the ladies blessed me with scrap fabric.  With which we were able to learn a new skill.  All the triangle blocks were made with her fabric.  

These are some pictures of the individual blocks.  

Beatrice's block 60 years old and never sewn. 

Lady Hannah's block 11 years old.   Never sewn before these events. 

Elizabeth's block 13yrs old. Never sewn before these events. 

Lanica she is 38 and never sewn.  

Adrian's he is 17. Never sewn before. 

Natalie's she is 14years old. Never sewn before. 

Sara 16 years old.  She has never done quilt blocks but has sewn clothing.  

Lorena's block.. Well I love to sew. 

This block is mine.   

For only twice getting together to sew.  I believe we will have enough blocks to make 4 quilts to donate.   I will share the finished quilts.  Soon.  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Crown Royal Quilt finished

The crown Royal quilt
Is finally finished. 

Close up 

The back 

It took some time but I love the look. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Not square

Not square

Some clients bring beautiful quilts that only after your almost done quilting the you find it's not square.  

They are flat.  Beautiful but in one spot or another it's wider.  

How do you fix?  I learn to one add batting maybe that will fill in the space.  

Two do a small fold on the seam to draw it in.  

I had to do two folds one on right side.  1/4 inch 

Another on left side almost a 1/2 inch. 

I called the client and also made sure it looked straight and on both horizontal and vertical views.  

After communicating with client then do the custom quilting.  

You wouldn't even know I took in the fabric.  Vertical view 

Horizontal view.  When I'm done quilting yellow sash it will look like a flat sewn seam.