Friday, April 25, 2014

Sorority shirts and spray Adhesives

Sorority Shirts

I have been working on some shirts for my friends daughter.  These shirts are labor intensive and  I'm glad that this is only for her and her friends as a gift for their graduation.   

I realize why they are so pricy.  It's not an easy task to get this kind of work done.. 

I have a blog on how to do this kind of work.. I learned  that cutting vynle and twill are not the same.. I had to get spray adhesive. 

Which do you get ??!!

I got four.  I hate going back to a store because what I got didn't work. 

Tacky spray

This one worked great I would spray fabric and place on cutter pad and the cutter cut the letters without the twill which is like vynle fabric lift and shift.  After the letter is remove it is still tack but dry quickly.  The price is 11.99. 

Scotch super 77

My favorite.  It gave me the ability to cut a lot of letters in one pass and there was no lifting or shifting.. The problem is it is real sticky and when I was working with placement on the letters it was gummy on my fingers.  Positive is when placed on fabric of shirt it was not going to move.. It did take longer to dry..  But it work great. 

Price was 15.99. Little pricy but works great. 

Scotch spray mount

This worked okay.  Wasn't as tacky and to cut one letter it if I tried to cut several letters the cutter would lift the twill and make a frustrating mess on the machine.. I waisted more twlll and jammed my machine because it wasn't sticky enough to hold the material down on the cutting pad.  

Aleene's spray-on decoupage adhesive

This worked well.  It was the cheapest of the bunch.  It was also on sale 5.99.  When it sprayed our it was stick and dried quickly. 

They all work but my favorite is schotch super 77.  It did help make my life easier. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Little bag tutorial

Little bags 

Two  different fabrics
Plastic sewing foot
Thin paper to help deal with vynle sticking 

I just got a square of vynle and cut two pieces of fabric 1/2 wide and the length of vynle.  

With color facing up that was just sewn on vynle.  Place zipper face toward color.  And add second piece of colored fabric color facing zipper.. Use clips to hold all three pieces together

Sew on the edge of zipper.  

Roll the fabric underneath where on the opposite side and sew a seam on the top side where the zipper is right side up.  

Have a piece of fabric that will be on inside of little bag.. Use batting .. See around the edges of the bag. Make sure zipper in within the sewn area.  

Trim edges

Back fabric should be an inch larger all around..

Roll in once then again to go over bag. 

Pattern  was easy to follow and I bought it at a quilt store the pattern cost $6.00.  They are fun to make and my friends are really loving them for gifts.  

Little bags

Little bags 

A friend made the little bags and finally found a pattern on making them.


The pattern is Arkinson designs.. Brigget's Baggets .  

I will some tricks on how to make them... Soon