Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Why me?

I have cancer," stated the doctor.

Who would you be if you found out you have cancer?  Would it change you for the worse or for the better? 

Would you be happy with the life you have lived?  Are you settled with the decision  you made?

Would you be angry at God?  Or would you consider why?   Why me? 

Sometimes suffering is really a moment to awaken  something bigger than our ownselves.   Maybe it's not about the sick one but about others rising up and becoming better people.  Maybe it's for the husband that needs to learn to service his wife and  even appreciate everything's she has done for him!  Maybe it's for the children to not be selfish and think more about others.  Maybe it's to really look at your world and Grab what really is important.   Sometimes suffering takes you to a place you would of never considered!

Why would you need cancer to bring you to this moment of awakening? Sometimes we spend to much time sleeping though our days and not enjoying the precious moments that are before us!  Bitter, angry, complaining of how unhappy we are-  blaming other for why we are where we are!   Remember life is too too short.
To focus on regret... the past.. on failures.. you have to decide to enjoy today.  To do the work it takes to get there.  

Don't let cancer be what wakes you up to be a better version of yourself!  If you ever hear you have cancer can you say, "I'm okay... I have loved hard-  played hard-- enjoy moments hard-   My life is full today and I'm happy today of who I am.   I'm proud of my life and can leave in peace.  I have sought God hard.   I have Love the God that knows me and I'm not afraid of what tomorrow will bring!  My children know I love them.   Not because I said it but because I showed it in my behavior!

My friend heard these words pierce her soul.  Now I consider myself... what would I feel or think?