Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beautiful baby quilts: cotton and poly batting


Custom or Computer.  Cotton or Poly Batting. 


      This baby quilt is some custom and some computer.  I stitched in the ditch on the outside  piano border.  The center it is panto that the Gammill Statler Stitcher quilted out.

       Computer quilting is less labor intensive and a computer can quilt a king size quilt in one day or in less than five hours.  The value of computer quilting is consistency in the quilting.  The repetition of the design will not change.   Also Computers can quilt beautiful  design that some quilters will have difficulty replicating.  Another thing to consider Longarm quilting systems that have computer are expensive.   If you want clean work and consistency this kind of work is worth paying for.  


      I love cotton batting.  There is variation of thicknesses of batting.  One of my favorite is WARM AND NATURAL BATTING.  It is a thicker batting.  It is easier to work with when your setting up the quilt.  Cotton batting doesn't dull the needle to quickly.    It is easier to manipulate when your rolling the quilt.   Cotton batting even when there is large amount of dense quilting doesn't stiffen and lays nicely.   One of the things to consider is cotton if not in a dry space will have the potential to get moldy. 


This is another clients quilt and the whole quilt is custom.   Custom means that the quilter quilted it without the use of a computer.  I am doing more custom quilts this year and one of the things that are important about custom quilting is time is a factor. 

Custom quilts are move labor intensive and these wonderful quilters deserve to  be paid for their time and talent they have through much practice..practice..practice. 

 POLY Batting.  

        It is not may favor it.  It is hard to control when you are stitching the quilt top to the back fabric.  Another issue is High loft poly battings are Itchy.. Like nails running down a chalk board. UHHHGGG  I don't like it.   Also poly batting tends to dull needles.  You have to just be patient when working with poly as your rolling the quilt making sure that it stays square.  
        The benefits of poly is you can get dimension on a quilt.   Many quilters us it for Trapunto work.  Also poly doesn't mold.  Poly also makes a warmer and weightier quilt.  The quilt will also be stiffer. Some people love it.  


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