Friday, November 27, 2015

Plan to piece a quilt!

Planning for what is next. 

 It's like this quilt!   I took planning and preparation to start! 

Had to find the pattern that caught my eye!  It's not worth doing if the eye isn't inspired!  Picking the fabric that's a journey too! 

 I truly get bored piecing.  I wish the piecing of a quilt was the fun part for me, but its really when the rows start to come together that I start getting the momentum to keep on going. 

Cutting the fabric and then organizing the pattern in my head as I read the instructions.  Honestly this is where its hard for me.  It's like the cramps of the start of a workout.  Everything is tight that the body itself is struggling to move.  That's what starting a new quilt is for me.  Cold and unappealing.  So the pattern has to be exciting and worth the effort to do. 

Once you get one block done you have all ready cut up to close to 500 pieces.  Sewed sections of them and had them piled in stacks and then.  Finally you got one block done.   You already  have so many components to put together.  Then   you can do the second block. Then the third block.  

Still under construction!! Then row 1 is done still not quite there!  When row one and two is done you start to get inspired even like a momentum  to get the quilt top done! 

  Oh when I  got to this place my heart started getting excited! I start to  see the end of a journey.   Then you see row 2 and you realize everything it took to get here was worth it.  

Now this is row three.  I still need to do three more rows then I'm completely done.  It really is like a workout.  When you done sweating and doing things you really don't like doing it in the end you realize hey I'm glad I did it.    

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Brass earrings

Brass earring 
First try and excited with my results! 

A person told me yesterday everything you touch is gold!  It's because I love this wonderful Book it has saved my life! Not because theirs anything good in me, but because a savior simply was willing to die and rise again to save me!  No one can change the light I have experienced because of it! 

Monday, November 2, 2015