Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crown Royal Quilt part 2

Crown Royal quilt 2 

Since the last crown Royal quilt that I custom quilted for my client!  The owner showed it to his friend and commissioned the piercer to do another one for him!

This quilt is 101x101 so different from the other quilt which was 50x50.   This quilt is better made and perfectly flat!   My client had to go through a lot of learning in making the first one!   This quilt exposes that she knows how to do these  with her eyes closed!!! 
I can even see that I'm more confident and ready to do another one of theses!! 
Custom quilt here we come! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pinwheel Parade

Pinwheel on Parade

I got this pattern from this book and the block is so sweet and easy to do!  

The pattern is from Pat Speth 

We did this at the church and it is so pretty when it comes together! 

This block is adding the rectangles to the new skill set!  Making 1/2 square triangles with rectangles!  

To me this is such a treasure we had a couple of new sewer and they just made some beautiful blocks!  The group that started with me has really grow!! I'm so thankful for their time and support!

You can make so many block quickly and 
The colors are so pretty!  

As they were making them I was
putting the top together I have three rows by  five.   The picture  above is the 10 extra block for the last two rows! 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Rectangle block

Rectangle superhero block

I'm excited of this creation I used leftover scraps and cut the into triangles! 

I'm excited with how this will turn out!!

Mexican piñata Block

Mexican Piñata Blocks

Nothing like practicing on connecting your seams!  

1 1/2 strips need 8 different colors!  
Triangle cuts 8x4 1/2 height!! 

Connected yes! 

Scrap to treasure!

Trying to go through my scraps! Guess what I found!! 

This is what I made out of my mess!

Think I'm going to make a baby quilt and do a give away soon!

This block I think will be a pillow or a bag for the baby quilt not sure yet! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Court House Step video Tutorial

Court House  Steps tutorial

You need
8 strips of different colors any size center block fussy cut!
Strip size is 1 1/2

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Extended Pinwheel video tutorial

Extended Pinwheel

You need 
4 rectangles (6x 3 1/2) 
8 1/2 triangles (3 1/2 )
 Block is 12 1/2 square when done! 

Still need to add another row!!

YouTube and Quilt Blocks

YouTube and quilt Blocks

For every class I have at the church I make a new quilt block for everyone to build!  I decided to make a YouTube tutorial on each block also!  

    My students tell me that they are concerned that after they leave  the class they will forget how to redo what they learned!  So now I created a library of blocks for them on YouTube!   When they are at home they can try the skill!  

   To be honest it makes me play on my sewing machine more!!! I work cleaner and try harder to do consistent piecing,  because I'm teaching someone else!  It's been a really fun journey!   I changed the name so that it would be easier to find my channel! Who would of thought that YouTube  would of been a positive reenforcement in working on a skill that at one time I hated!!  

The channel is called :  
Lorena's Quilting 

Monkey appliqué

It's been a while since I've shared something on my blog so this is what's going on!   

I'm enjoying time off and been doing a lot of YouTube videos lately!  I really am enjoying doing the tutorials!  If anything it makes me try new patterns and keep my mind and hands from being idle!  

I was working on an appliqué quilt top by Cheri Leffler I love her book!! She has some beautiful design ideas!  

 I'm doing her monkey design!  I was finishing off the faces of the monkeys and it just looked strange to me!  She had me hand embroider eyes and a mouth!   

 I added the nose, but it still looked odd to me!   This top took a lot of time to not be elated with the finished quilt!  

I went on clip art and looked at monkey faces and embroidered a face!!! Yes, I cheated!!  I want to be finished already! 

It still looked strange to me.  After  I add the face!  So I decided to add ear lobes!  

I gave every monkey face just a little different look!  

This is what the two monkey faces look like!! I still need one more face to add and ears!  Oh yeah, I need to do the bannana and I'm done.. I don't know if it's wrong to change a designers design to fit your personal satisfaction of being happy with the finished product!  I guess we buy books to try to accomplished a look a like, but truly when you do it.  It's your own, one of a kind, because it was made with your hands!!! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Monkey quilt

Baby quilt 

Just finished Applique on the monkeys.  All I need to do is add the eyes and lips!! 

It's a pattern from Cheri Leffler!!  

I also finished piecing my sons quilt top so excited!!! Being this far on both quilt tops!