Saturday, May 21, 2016

All she needs

All she needs is quilting  on the borders
I have been working on this quilt for quiet a while and now I can see the hard work coming to life.
The beauty of this quilt and the design is so wonderful to come into practice. I remember this quilt hanging over my longarm wondering what could I do?  How do I design it?  I had it hanging around for a good 4 months just thinking about the design of the quilt..  When I quilted the center diamond I remember even calling my friend to take it back and that I didn't want to do it.   I was scared I wasn't good enough and didn't want to ruin my friends quilt.  I love my friend because she said, "Keep it.  I know you will do something beautiful."  With doubt in my heart and fear of failure.  I pressed on. 

I think I have grown the most with this quilt.  I would work on it sporadically and with no expectation.  Once I quilted the center diamond everything seemed to of clicked.  I found a design that created interest and at the same time highlighted the piercers work.
I learned straight line quilting, I learned stitching in the ditch, I gained much practice on feathers, pebbles, and  shells.  I tried out different marking tools and found my favorite out of the many.  I also tried different rulers, Lisa Callies,  Dritz stitch in the ditch, and my favorite Apothecaries Ruler.  I also found a wonder full extended table for my longarm so that I would be able to straight line quilt without hesitation from my old table that would get stuck. 
I have made countless videos on  with this quilt.  It has really been an work of love. 
I have sat on this quilt on the hardest days of my life, trying to find strength for another day and allowed this quilt to get my focus back. 
 I have cried and allowed myself to find healing as I would sit for countless hours quilting.  I would pray as I quilted  and in the rhythm of the movement and the purring of the motor some how I found my answers and peace.  I have listened to beautiful Christian music and had my dogs sitting near by as I would work on this quilt.  One time  my dog stretched out in such a strange position with such peace I even feel she was touched by the peace. 
I have had this quilt a long time and Its almost time to let her go.  I thank her for everything she has given me. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dear Mothers

Dear Mothers

Powerful and unsure!  You are the threat of the enemy that's why he want you to feel demeaned or inferior! 

Satan feared Mary the mother of Jesus because God declared through Eve and to Eve "

Gen 3:15 And I will put enmity  between thee and the woman,and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head,and thou shalt bruise his heel." 

He was telling Eve the serpent  that deceived you - will be an enemy to you- one day your descendant Jesus will bruise Satans head and through you Eve in Jesus you will have the victory against the serpent satan! 

So dear mothers you are powerful!  A threat! You are a source to bring life!   You are unknowingly wonderful!  

I pray you dear mothers know who you are! Be fearless- so your children travel this earth without regret!  

Forgive yourself so your children see that mistakes aren't the identity to undertake but a lesson to learn from and build on!  

Be builders of yourself a so your children know it's okay to grow! 

 Be educated- so your children value intelligence and determine not to be ignorant! 

 Be willing to stand alone! So your children learn to stand for their values and not follow others!  When they see that you can stand and have success without a man - your children will see that In themselves is where real success starts! 

Believe in your ability-so your children aren't afraid to challenge themselves to be greater than where they are! 

Dear mothers don't let anyone destroy you! Remember your children are watching you! And will do what you do! 

You are the beloved of God!