Saturday, March 22, 2014

Star quilt

Star quilt 


 I did black to stitch in ditch and to meander around certain spaces.  


More color 

Love the quilt it came out lovely. 

Back kind of cool how it worked out . 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Marking a Dark Quilt

Marking Pens 

What I'm doing on this quilt is stitching in the ditch and on the stars  I'm stitching in the ditch and creating a 1/4 space all around the out line and stitched it.  To give some dimension.   With this project I needed marking pens for dark material.  

These are what I tried for this quilt. 

Clover jell pen:  suppose to disappear with steam/ heat. 
Fons&Porter: thin Chalk pencil.
Clover roller chalk 
Red chalk tool.
 Clover Jell pen/ removed  by steam iron.  This pen worked ok.  Sometime in doesn't come out as smooth and I did have a major problem!  When I placed a iron with steam it would not disappear.  Now this freaked the hell put of me.  Now I found that am eraser and light rubbing removed the marking after steaming for an hour.  Maybe my iron isn't as hot as the pen requires not even wetting the ink removes the mArking.  Some love this pen now I'm a little apprehensive.  

Is a great pencil they are refillable and make a beautiful thin line.  You can erras the line  easily.  Now because it's easy to remove this line I found that it's better to mark the quilt and do the stitching soon after.   

That's why I wanted the clover pen, one of the benefites is the markings clover pen is the marking isn't removed till heat is applied.  So you can mark whole quilt and not worry about marking disappearing.  Now removal is not as easy as I hoped.  

Clover roller glid chalk marking tools.  
It also worked great but chalk came out thicker, in line was a little thicker, and was powderier chalk. 

The red marking pen made a thick line and  Chalk had a tendency to break.   

Monday, March 3, 2014

Knitting a scarf

Trying something new

I think I'm addicted to knitting now.  I saw on YouTube this scarf and I wanted to see if I could do it.. The YouTube link is Iheartstitching.  She has some great ideas she goes step by step on how to do the scarf.  

I did take a couple of hours, but it was fun to knit.  Love learning new things.