Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Mist of the Potter's Wheel

In the Mist of The Potters Wheel

The other day I was reading my bible and a verse just spoke to my heart.  In Joshua 1:5 I read the text where it said"" that God talked to him telling Him I will not fail you. 

(There shall not any man be able to stand before thee in all days of thy life; as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee:  I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee,.. Josh 1:5)

It truly was a significant word for me.  It was a late night praying for the circumstance that came from nowhere.  Feeling despair and lose and the panic of the events that consumed my days.  There is a Scripture that is significant in Ephesians the Evil Day.  In the text is says, And having done all, To stand.  Stand Therefore... Eph 6:13

There are going to be days in our life where we experience Evil.  The evil day is a necessary part of walking in this world.  This is where you learn how to Stand.  Not move from your faith.  Not waver in Doubt.  Trust Your God that regardless of what you see there is light. 

I will not fail you was powerful to read at the moment I stood in chock and fear.

Through the days that seemed to pass by and I stood  holding on.   Telling my self don't let go keep holding on!  I saw God share His wisdom to me.. God never intends evil to consume us, but it is a tool to make us.. Shape us.. take us where we would not go. 

Throughout the day I looked at a video of a potter marring clay.  God told Jeremiah Go to the potters house.  So I looked up a video of what potters do. 

 I saw the potter crush the clay several times.  I sat watchful seeing the potter soften the hard clay.  As he crushed it you see the moister consume the piece and soften the once hard block of clay. The potter would rise the clay then bring the clay to nothing again.  I guess crushing is good.  Especially in us- it softens the heart, it removes pride, it teaches patience, and shows us self will need to be consumed to nothing.   At first I didn't understand why God allowed failure, short comings, delays, or even loss.  Now I understand that in that God is doing His greatest work.  Because its His hands that are creating it.  In us to become more than what we are now...For His purpose. 

Then I saw the potter build up clay.  The clay has to be moldable, pliable, moist, and yielded to the hand of the potter.  The clay had no say, just to submit to the hands of the potter.  I guess that what surrender is.  Us giving God, our will, to Him  to do whatever He want in our lives and in our children's lives. If we are really marred our opinion doesn't matter.  Because you trust The Potters Hands that he knows what he can do with you and Knows the best for you. 

I guess Him say, "I will never Fail you..."  Is an assurance that He got it. Even if you feel the spinning and the crushing. 

Others may want Evil for you too.  They may even hope for your failure, for you to fall apart, and break.   In the end they are just going to be surprised.  What they wanted for you was really for your good and God used it as a tool to give you greater success.  Look at Jesus and Judas the kiss didn't destroy Jesus.   Neither did the cross.  It was just a tool to get Jesus to a greater, more powerful position, and fuller authority.  

With God Who can be against us?? Especially when He Promises not to fail Us.

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