Friday, October 14, 2016

Faithful enemies

Faithful Enemies

Have you ever had an enemy that was relentless in their opinion against you!   Constantly judging you and holding you in account of what you have done?   They rise up early hoping for your worst!   Wanting you to pay them for the harm they say you caused - they only want you to pay but they want to slay you as if they have a right to imprison you with their cause against you!  

My enemies have been faithful!   They have been committed to hate me- pray against me- get others to join their cause - convincing other of who they say I am!  An evil Vilan deserving of vengeance!  

Constantly spying around checking my Facebook and even reading this blog!   I know you my faithful enemy !  Who feel you have just cause! The truth is my faithful enemy nothing-- I do will be enough for you! 

 My death wouldn't satisfy you! Even if I give you what you want! It won't be enough!  Even if I pay my debt - which I have - doesn't even seem to give you rest!   Months later you will ask for more but even then if I gave it to you it won't be enough!

 If you see me suffer you will say it's because of what you feel I did to you! Deservingly so you will feel pride of God vindicating you and applauding your hateful way - smiling smirkingly - as if God is on your side!  If you see me succeed its that I got away with it - and it's not fair that I'm okay!  How is this fair???   You even cry of how horrible I am!  How horrible I have hidden myself from your un-forgiveness! How will God not judge me, because you feel you have a place to judge!   It's your jealousy soul that hate me unjustly!  

 Would you like to deal with yourself one day?   Someone relentless unforgiving as you!  Would you want to be forgiven or are you so perfect never doing anyone wrong!   

I love you enemy of mine so loyal you are to stay in the fight!  Why do you want me around hating me so!  You say you want my love but didn't you say I'm evil!  Which is it that you say I am!  Full of talk that I am nothing, but then it frustrates you that I'm doing something!  Should I bow down to you as if you are my God?  Should I sell you my children as if that will be enough?   Can I give you my soul  would that even be enough?

Hating other is your love feast!  Judging others is your delight!  Unforgiveness is your cause.  
It's okay if you love to hate! It works for you!   I know it keeps your eyes from seeing the truth as long as you keep attacking others - and everybody who doesn't - obey you!   It's a great distraction from you ---seeing you!   -- 

Keep hitting in the air!  I honestly don't care!  You make me laugh!  I have the upper hand!  I got your attention!  I'm what you focus on!  I honestly didn't think I had that much power!  I didnt think I determine your happiness!  Do yourself a favor- see yourself! Forgive your enemy!  Also forgive yourself! 

Your a faithful enemy that can't let go - I'm so glad that I'm free!  I don't hate you!  I don't want to know you!   I don't have an opinion of you! I just see you!  I know you hate me for that too!   Mind your own business - tend to your own house maybe if you were faithful in your own life you would find happiness!  Maybe if you fix your heart you will have success !   Do yourself a favor - stop wanting mine!  I'm not sharing my future with you! Even If you think I owe you. 



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