Friday, December 16, 2016

Lazy men (What a daughter sees in her father!)

Lazy men

I don't know where lazy men come from but I have seen their destruction in their own eyes of there wives!   I have seen the eyes of hungry children as these men just, somehow don't seem to see!  They don't see that because the don't respond- because they don't stand up- because they choose to not do the right thing - they not only destroy themselves but everyone else around them!  

I have seen how laziness has broken the heart of my mother as her eyes are full of stress because the Burden of what men have done to her, having weighed her soul- destroyed her hope and taken captive faith.  Faith is destroyed because of those faithless scoundrels that don't do the right thing.  

I sit watching lazy sons who choose to not do right by their mother now don't do the right to their lovers..

Lazy men destroy one women then find another... As if deceiving these tender hearted and gullible woman children who desperately seek love as if it's like 

We as little girls are told Prince Charming is on his way -- then the enemy sends him who looks like prince but is a thief and a con and a deceiver!  We as little girls don't see the truth because Disney showed us differently!  It glazes our eyes with wrong perspective and deceptions that we want to believe the lie -  why we believe the lie because the truth is too horrible to conceive.

  Why hasn't Disney showed the truth- and warned the little girl--that not all men are prince- not all men are honorable- not all men honest.. 

Why did I see the truth through the suffering of my mother? Seeing the prince leave and go to another! He refused to be a real father, but a coward? 
A lazy father not just to me but many others!  They don't take blame for why they left- they don't look at what they have done- they don't even recognize the harm.  The lazy man say, "it was your mother why I didn't feed you. " It was your mother that took you!  It's your mother who made me a lazy man.. 

But oh yeah why lazy man did you do this harm to many more woman than just my mother? 

The lazy man never sees his wrong- only thinks of himself being done wrong too! How dare she want me to work!!!  Oh, my God how dare she call me out- calling me the lazy man.  Because she is calling me out, I the lazy man  on purpose I won't do anything... Even though I wasn't doing anything... But now I won't do anything... Just to show her.. She is wrong about me.  I was going to do something says the lazy man -- but because she said that to me!!! I will just do nothing!    I the lazy man will punishe her - teach her- show her-- 

Lazy man --I look at you -- and say she never needed you!!  You lying Prince Charming deceiver of young girls hearts!  Little girls don't wait for him.., you should make him chase you!!   You should make him prove himself to you!!!   You should not trust just any man ...because one day    You will find out he really didn't love you but wanted to use you!  And wanted to enslave you, because he needed you!  

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