Saturday, January 10, 2015

YouTube and Quilt Blocks

YouTube and quilt Blocks

For every class I have at the church I make a new quilt block for everyone to build!  I decided to make a YouTube tutorial on each block also!  

    My students tell me that they are concerned that after they leave  the class they will forget how to redo what they learned!  So now I created a library of blocks for them on YouTube!   When they are at home they can try the skill!  

   To be honest it makes me play on my sewing machine more!!! I work cleaner and try harder to do consistent piecing,  because I'm teaching someone else!  It's been a really fun journey!   I changed the name so that it would be easier to find my channel! Who would of thought that YouTube  would of been a positive reenforcement in working on a skill that at one time I hated!!  

The channel is called :  
Lorena's Quilting 

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