Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pinwheel Parade

Pinwheel on Parade

I got this pattern from this book and the block is so sweet and easy to do!  

The pattern is from Pat Speth 

We did this at the church and it is so pretty when it comes together! 

This block is adding the rectangles to the new skill set!  Making 1/2 square triangles with rectangles!  

To me this is such a treasure we had a couple of new sewer and they just made some beautiful blocks!  The group that started with me has really grow!! I'm so thankful for their time and support!

You can make so many block quickly and 
The colors are so pretty!  

As they were making them I was
putting the top together I have three rows by  five.   The picture  above is the 10 extra block for the last two rows! 

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