Saturday, January 10, 2015

Monkey appliqué

It's been a while since I've shared something on my blog so this is what's going on!   

I'm enjoying time off and been doing a lot of YouTube videos lately!  I really am enjoying doing the tutorials!  If anything it makes me try new patterns and keep my mind and hands from being idle!  

I was working on an appliqué quilt top by Cheri Leffler I love her book!! She has some beautiful design ideas!  

 I'm doing her monkey design!  I was finishing off the faces of the monkeys and it just looked strange to me!  She had me hand embroider eyes and a mouth!   

 I added the nose, but it still looked odd to me!   This top took a lot of time to not be elated with the finished quilt!  

I went on clip art and looked at monkey faces and embroidered a face!!! Yes, I cheated!!  I want to be finished already! 

It still looked strange to me.  After  I add the face!  So I decided to add ear lobes!  

I gave every monkey face just a little different look!  

This is what the two monkey faces look like!! I still need one more face to add and ears!  Oh yeah, I need to do the bannana and I'm done.. I don't know if it's wrong to change a designers design to fit your personal satisfaction of being happy with the finished product!  I guess we buy books to try to accomplished a look a like, but truly when you do it.  It's your own, one of a kind, because it was made with your hands!!! 

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