Friday, August 22, 2014



After soldering this is what rings look like after leaving a pickle bath.  Pickle is what cleanse metal that has been soldered it is an acid that  removes the soot from metal.   When metal is under extreme heat it turn black as it is in the process of change.  Pickle cleans the metal and prepares it for more sodering. 

Polishing takes time.  Using different grit of sand paper to soften any unevenness or sharper areas. 

There's even jewelers sand paper that as it sand it prepares the metal to be polished.  

This is polish paper that sands and polishes as you go.  It is rougher to finer polishing grit.  

Rub and rub some more is the trick to this.  

I'm excited to now enjoy the fruit of my labor.  To make the bands and do the designing of the ring took a couple of hours but the truth is cleaning, sanding, and polishing the ring takes more time.  

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