Friday, September 12, 2014

The beauty of heat patina

The irrational woman 
Depiction of Great Women

     This piece is a depiction of something my husband said to me several years ago.  "Your being an irrational woman."

   This piece is of a woman's with lips,  no eyes, but a beautiful facial structure.  With hair that swirls around by the environment. Is it the wind? Or the internal frazzle of anger.  Or the burning rage of wrath.  

   Are we as women irrational or living so passionaly for a man that we are miss understood.  My moment of irrationality is the lack of empathy a man that I love has for me. 

  When I look at this piece it reminds me to be a women that is lovely and passionate  and to not let anyone tell me who I am.  Not to identify myself by what a man says.  But what I say about myself is more valuable and tangible and validating.   The bible says,
"What a man thinketh so is he."  What do I think of me?  What do you think of you?  What does that inner voice of your heart say?  What others have said of you?  Or what you say of YOU regardless of what has been said?! 

Irrational we are not, but expecting the men we love to come to a hire standard.  To love their wives passionately.  To be sacrificial in their adoration for those they made their commitment too.  To be men of dignity.  Not deceitful or compromising of the integrity that identifies us.  To walk as one in unity and clarity of purpose. 

So ladies let us stand  and speak our truth as the winds in our lives ignite passion in us to be great.  Regardless if we are misunderstood. 

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