Friday, August 22, 2014

Metal smith jewelry box

Jewelry box

Today I went to my studio to make some rings for my personal jewelry addiction and I found this jewelry  box.  Two  years ago I started this jewelry box and did it for a course I was taking.  It's been sitting in my studio waiting for some attention.  I wanted to place more elements to enhance it more but never had the time till today.  I decided it need some time being rubbed and sanded to get ride of the dross.  

 .... The rings on top are what I made today.  They need polishing too.  

The green patena is from the acid from the pickle that suppose to clean the metal. 
Most of the lid is brass and the bottom of the box is cooper.  Sodered together from flat sheets of metal.  

Three hours of rubbing with different grit of sand paper.  

 You can still see some dark areas where it needs more rubbing.

This is several hours of sanding and polishing with different grits of polishing paper.   



Back view. 

I'm glad I found this little jewel...  

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