Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bling on shirts

Bling on Shirt without a Hot Press

I did this shirt for some Elementary Teachers that wanted the team to look cohesive and wanted teachers to wear the same shirt. 

 Someone from the group got this smiley face crystal face design. They came to me because they didn't know  how to iron it on their shirts.  Without a HOT PRESS.

Template                                                                Crystals                                                                                          

 This is a template that I made to show you how to iron it on. 

Pour Crystals on the template get a painters brush and move crystals around and the crystals when they are upright they will settle in the holes of the template.

Transfer it is stick on the clear side and the bottom white side is to keep the crystals from moving or shifting.

Remove the back part.  The sticky side should have the crystals on it.  Stick it to the fabric and it should not move. 

Pressing sheet works great but if you don't have one flip the back facing down and iron the back of it will work well too. 

You can also place a thin sheet of fabric on top. 

Hold the iron in place do not move back and forth.  Hold for a count of 20 then move to another area hold for another count of 20.  Do this on the top with pressing sheet or fabric through the whole design and then do the same process on the back of the fabric. 

Then Remove the clear sheet if you got all the crystals hot enough to melt the glue all of the crystals should be fused to the fabric.  If not they will stick on to the sticky top paper and you will need to go back and re-IRON the areas that didn't get hot enough to melt the glue on the crystals.

Once all the crystals are fused on go back and re-Iron the top part of the crystals again and your finished.  Be careful the crystals are real hot and it will brand you I have stars and crystals on my elbow to prove how hot they can get. 



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