Thursday, March 21, 2013

Longarm Practice

Longarm Practice
When we see Longarm Quilting we only see the beautiful clean work of the quilter.  Not the process of practice that exposes the immature skill. 
When I got my machine, which was a Gammill Statler Sticher, I was intimidating.  It consumed my room and the money invested into the machine brought a sense of overwhelming impact. It took me time to decide to start practicing on it. 
 Especially when I did get on the Machine my work look like kindergarden writing not that beautifull quilting that inspired me to get a machine.  Some how I though the machine had the magic...heheheee..
I saw on YouTube a longarm quilter who just inspired me to play on the machine, regardless of my fear, ugly stitches, sloppy curves, and not even being able to make a straight line.  I was inspired.   
So I decided to start a YouTube account and document my practice.  
 I didn't know anything  about tension, stitch size, what regulated stitch was, continuous stitch, or how to sit on the machine. 
I recorded once or twice a week and practiced only 30 minutes a couple of time in the week. With in four week with maybe 6 hours worth of practice for the month.  My pebbles improved and confidence started to come into this longarm experience.  Every time I got on the machine I learned something new.  What sitting position was most comfortable, thread that looked the best, stitch length, and much more.  I also learned to be accepting of  the process. It's okay to not do perfect stitches sometimes.  It is practice.
  Growing in a new skill is never easy, but each step you take, will reveal the skill maturing. 

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  1. I know how you feel I have been longarming a few years now and still have not mastered it but you get better each day! Good luck your stitches look fine.