Saturday, March 9, 2013

3-D Design

Embroidering Hat
With Foam

I have a PR600 and I got a great deal on my machine.  Due to the great price I receive no training and one of the most difficult processes for me to learn is the Hat hoop. 
This is my Hoop frame.Their are teeth on the frame and I use tear-away stabilizer for hats.  I got a hug roll its worth buying.  I have had the roll for about 6 years and still haven't even gone through half of it.   It is already the height it needs to be, you just cut the width.  It saves time and you never know when you will get an order of 30 hats from a client.

Each hoop is different and this is how mine works. 
 On my frame you pull the lip from under the hat and slide it under the guide which is the picture on the left right under my thumb you can see the guide. 

I don't know if you can see the hooks that clamp on the side of the hat hoop frame. 

Before the machine starts to embroider the design you place the foam on top of the cap and tape both sides of the foam to keep foam from moving when the machine is embroidering the design.    

 When removing the foam Hold the area that is part of the design. 
 This is stiched in satin.   Foam is only good on satin design step stitch will compress the foam and not allow the design to be   3-D

The thread looks messy and now comes the clean up.
 This is where a the iron comes to play.  The heat contracts the foam and allows the thread to sit nicely on the foam. 
 Push in the foam and allow the thread to sit nicely on the design.    I tend to place glue on the bottom of the R and X so that the thread stays in place and doesn't fray. 

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