Saturday, March 9, 2013

Quilts with Embroidery

Embroidery on Quilts

I did this quilt for one of my clients this is a kind of Family Tree Quilt.  I did the embroidery work for the quilt my clients mother-in-law quilted it on her home machine.  

My client was in the military and asked if I could embroider all the places they have traveled and special events in their life.  

I embroidered 40 little squares for her and also did the Circle of life Center piece.  This piece took about 14 hoops to accomplish the circular pattern.  It had all the dependence names which I though was a cool idea.  She came to me wondering can you do this and honestly I didn't know if I could until I started working on the square.

I recommend to embroider the larger lettering in Step Stitch.  Quilts are used and washed you don't want thread to fray.  If the lettering is small  Satin Stitch will work and not fray.    Also my favorite Tear-away stabilizer you don't want the weight of cut-away stabilizer and cut-away will create an outline around the design and it will be visible as you look at the top.

All the embroidery work should be done before you start quilting.  Also the least amount of quilting on the embroidery the better.  

Embroidery work is expensive in regular store front businesses each small 4 X 4 they wanted to charge my client $15.00 a square and just to make a template for the Circle of Life they wanted to charge her $60.00 for set up not even including the embroidery work.  If your paying for the work.  Allow the work to be the beauty of the quilt.  

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  1. I love the look of this one and the thought that went into it.