Sunday, December 13, 2015


When you give is it out of love? Is it out of debt? (You owe me) or do you give out of obligation?( I'm giving to you,  not because I want to, but because I don't want to look bad or feel bad because you have given to me?!) 

Sometimes I have been given things with the understanding that it was out of love! Then the invisible strings of debt or enslavement are exposed.  Debt is dangerous it can enslave you!  Burden you physically and debt is not out of love but out  of obligation!  

I like doing things out of love!  The bible says that's what never fails. When you do thing out of love it has endurance!  A tangibility that without any expectation!  Real love doesn't enslave!  In doing things for love the reward is in the act of love! 

Check your love! I personally have had to check my love for others! Also the intentions of why I was giving they gift or money I was surrendering!! Is it out of love, debt, or obligations. 

  Sometimes we say we love people but then enslave them!  Hold account of how much we did for them!  Financially requiring payment for debt!  Judging them because they didn't fulfill our standards! They haven't given to me the same amount of value, as I have given or done for them! Then in truth your act of love was really out of enslavement! Which is debt! 

Don't deceive yourselves when you say you love them! Then complain about them! When you say you love them and sit at a table and tell others how they failed you because they won't do what you want! 

Sometime we are selfish as we reason with ourselves! Wanting to control people by giving them something and now expecting, even requiring, them to do what you want!  Your gift was with intention to control them! To own them!  To own their time-to own their future! And the gift giver become the unjust slave owber! 

Obligating people of a debt when we say it is a gift with the mask of love isn't fair!  It's even unjust! To use a gift to manipulate and control someone by obligating them! It is a fraudulent act! 

Recently, I was working on a quilt for a friend!  She asked me to do it for her! There was no way she could pay me! 
Then we worked on a quilt together for a man that was real sick!  She said it was in her heart to do it with me!   Then as time passed on I was still working on her quilt and she said, "Hey why isn't my quilt done?"  Well, her quilt was hand appliqué and those take some time! In her frustration she said, "You owe me! The only reason I worked on that sick mans quilt is because you were doing this quilt!"

 In truth the sick mans quilt she told me initially was in her heart to help! It was discouraging to hear those words from her! Her help wasn't help out of love, it was out of obligation! Unknowingly relieving her help was a chance for her to place in her heart a debt out of obligation against me! 
Lessons I have learn is watch how others give! Before you take becareful! 

When you give cut the invisible standards you require of others! If you have expectations then don't give it! If your going to complain about your effort-help- time- or investment you do for others might as well not do it! 

I have paid my debt to my friend and finished her quilt! Now, I know to never receive her help since it will a request for payment at a later time!  

Sometimes even when you pay your debt off people still expect more! If it was the other way around they would cry foul play? Throwing a tantrum of the injustice! But when they do it it's fair game I'm love and war! Not seeing themselves!

We are in the season of giving! Give out of love- with no expectation-no requirement- freely give!  In truth you would want others to do the same for you! Wanting others to let you live freely and not be a slave of others!  So when you do something it's because you want to! Excited too!  Not because your forced or obligated!!   

God even gives you free will!  Wanting you to surrender your heart- your life to Him out of love not debt! 

He even paid for your debt of sin-- not out of requiring debt back to us but because he know you could never pay the bill!  Out of love for you! He want us to be free! 

So don't let others expectations or standards restrain you! Work hard  to not restrain others yourself! But give out of love and serve others! 

I did this out of love initially, but then it sadly became payment of debt she obligated me with! At least regardless of her heart- I'm free! 

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