Monday, December 28, 2015

Creativity fills the heart!

Being creative is the greatest gift! 

There is something that Marx was right about that when we became an industrialized society we learned to identify ourself by the product we buy!  Not by the products we make!  

Which was a shift from the society that was before!  In older society's before becoming industrialized your identity was by the product that was made by your hands! 

Marx expressed that when society became industrialized the way we identified ourselfs were by product branding! Because we as a society lost the value of being emotionally connected to our jobs or lost the emotional connection of making something by hand! 

Buying clothing or products are outlets of re-establish personal worth! That's why we are dissatisfied with our jobs! Now a days it's hard to work somewhere where what you do is a product of you! 

There is great value in making something! There is this emotional connection and personal value! I have learned that being creative is where I get full!  There is a sense of wholeness that comes from creating something from just nothing!   That's the power of quilting- piecing- drawing- painting- jewelry making- pottery- designing - writing - poetry or any other form the of creativity! 

Sometimes when I want something to feel full!!! I need to evaluate myself -- have you done anything creative this week? Have you invested in doing something that fills you! (With delight -with joy - and with self worth!)  have you done something with your hands?

Maybe instead of buying something try something new! Like knitting or anything that births creativity! 

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