Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

Always practice on dark fabric.

It high lights the your mistakes.  Which helps you become a more accurate and cleaners quilter.  It highlights the thread and teaches you how to be a more consistent quilter.   It is good to see your mistakes.  Then you know what you need to work on!  

How can you improve if your not willing to look at what you need to improve! 

This lesson could be affective in many areas of your life!  If you see where your at whether good or bad there is always areas that need our attention! 

Nothing is wrong with looking at your mistakes or short comings if your willing to keep working to get better! Then one day you will see less mistakes and get a better out come! 

I have pictures of older work and now I'm proud of how much I have grown.  Though it only came as I looked at my mistakes. 

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