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We all have them in our lives.  They complain about  the way you look.  How you have your hair, how fat you are, how you should have this car or that car.  When I started my blog or my web site or my YouTube. I heard different complaints.  

Critics express there complaint about others as  a self acknowledgment of I'm better than you.  See, I see your mistakes, I'm better than you.   Your not that great.  I also feel it reveals their insecurity.  I call  it self exposure.  I also think those who have something to say, should bring that same finger on their own lives.  

I don't even look over people with a fine tooth comb to find a problem with others.  I don't have time for that.  I'm just trying to keep my head on and not fall on my own face.  Like a horse with a bridle keep your eyes on what is infront.  Don't get distracted by the noise of the dogs or the racket that is around you. 

Those that have a lot to say, are the ones not doing anything.  They are the ones sitting watching the game.  They don't know the struggle of being out on the field or what it is like pushing yourself beyond your own strength.  

My husband yells at the t.v. watching football, mad a the player, that didn't come to his standard.  But my husband is on the sofa,  not doing it himself.  Its easy to judge  people when you aren't doing it yourself.  Its easy to say, "Well,  just get over it." When your not in the storm.  "She's not right. Look at her, who does she think she is?  How could she be that way."

I have learned that, I have to determine,  how I respond to others opinion of me!  It's like a storm sometimes as the wind blows and the clouds surround my life. I choose what the storm will do!  

Storms can drown you or storms can water you.  You determine how the storm will affect you! 

I think of Jesus how he was on a boat, that was tossed by the storm. He just kept on sleeping.  He even had to be awoken by the disciples, because they thought they were going to die.  Well, they said to Jesus, "do you not care that we are going to die?"  He just woke up and told the storm to be still. 

Sometimes people are those who bring storms in your life.  Wanting to rock your boat.  The wind of their opinion comes and push against your destiny and hindering you from moving forward.   They establish doubt by crashing waves against your purpose and try to drown you from your journey. 

In psychology they researched the power of criticism.  It is an affective tool.  Being criticized can hinder you from even accomplishing a small task affectively.  They even researched the same task with a positive influence.  The result was that even in doing the same task those that heard positive feed back accomplished the task in a timely manner and had a good result.  Those that were criticized didn't even accomplish the task.  Being frazzled by the negative influence.  

Success come from having positive feed back and learning to ignore the critics.  If you truly want to accomplish great things focus on those that encourage your greatness.   Also have resilience, be your own encourager, when you don't have others to shine in your own life!  Be so bright you brighten your own darkness!  David in the bible even had to stir himself up!  To keep fighting and winning battles no one else could win.  You honor you and shine so bright that the storm gets dissolved by your radiance.  

 In time critics will still be critics you can't help those dark clouds. 

The awesome thing of dark clouds they don't have a right to surround everywhere.  We can always move to where there the brightest sun light shines!  Or shine so loud and proud they can't stand to be around your light! 

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