Monday, May 18, 2015

Graduation 2015

Graduation 2015
So excited that it's all over!! 

This how it was in the back! 

The experience was wonderful! 

This is after we got our diploma !!  I had to get a picture of what it looked like from my perspective! 

These are some of my friends behind me!  Trying to force them to smile! 

What's next!! "A Masters sounds like my new journey to travel."  I'm thinking about it but not sure yet!  Or become a master quilter??! Hehee. 

I may make a quilt with my graduation robe!!! Or just quilt, or get a job, or just enjoy life since tomorrow isn't promised to anyone! 

The blessing is, its mine to decide!  what I will do tomorrow.  

That's freedom when you decide to listen to your heart and get all the others opinions out of your life! 

  No one can determine who you will be if you believe in the God  that is able to take you where you didn't think you could go! 

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