Monday, May 4, 2015

Finish Lines

Finish Lines

     Finish lines are so hard to get to.  It really takes some internal persistence that only finisher have.  

     I have noticed when I have started different projects in my life. 
In the beginning there are the nay-sayers.  When I started my embroidery company.  I heard people say that I was wasting a lot of money on nothing.  See to them it was nothing, but I had a vision.  I knew myself and that I could do something with my decision.  People buy diamond rings and brag about them as if the status of having a certain caret ring defines them.  That is fine too if that's what you enjoy.  There is pleasure in wearing  jewelry on your hand and it continues to reward you even years after you bought them. 

 I wanted to invest in something that gave me back.  At first it was emotional pleasure of making beautiful embroidery designs and being rewarded by the creativity of it.   As I grew in the skill I became a very talented embroiderer and have done a lot of work for many people. 

Now there is that financial aspects that is rewarding and the social contact of my business clients.  I have had my embroidery machines and they have gladly paid for themselves ten times over financial and even if they didn't bring that in.  The emotional reward of being creative, loving what you do, and passion of sharing your art can't be valued by dollar bills.

The funny thing is that I didn't know that the nay-sayers would want in on my vision.  The truth is they didn't want in on the vision they wanted in on the money their dirty eyes looked upon.  

Visions have to go beyond money.  They have to have a richer value and be bigger in personal definition.  People without vision only look at money. They are greedy for gain and will be willing to sell you and your vision to the ground  for their own self interest!   Take heart that greed is like poison to the soul it devours the deepest wells of prosperity it can paralyze the heart and destroy morality and the freedom of creativity!  It will tarnish the initial vision and after a while you will find your self far from why you chose to build the vision in the first place! 

I had a vision that they didn't see.   The bible says, "my people perish for not having vision."  We are not to only look at where we are today.  We are to look beyond this moment and plan for the tomorrow that isn't here yet.  When I make decisions I really do look what tomorrow will look like.  The consequences, the repercussions of the decision, and also the rewards.  I

 look at the safety of making a hard decision for the whole family or for the whole paved road I want to plan to travel.  The bible says, "count the cost," make sure the vision at hand is able to be paid for.  You don't want to build, then not have the ability to finish it, because you didn't consider the cost. 

If you have a vision do  not let no one detour you from your plan.  If you know that in the end the reward will overflow the cost.   Don't be afraid to try. Don't do something for the reward of money.  Do something for the reward of love, satisfaction, and emotional benefits.  Being happy should be more valuable than money.  I heard a famous singer who was famous in Canada but was no one in the United States say, "there is no shame in being poor.  I'm richer than the richest man.   I sing every day.  I'm doing something I love."   The funny thing is he really was rich financially but that didn't move him.  Singing moved him.   See vision is beyond money and your vision has to be based on doing something you love.  

Vision will always bring more than was expected.  The rewards will go beyond even what  you thought it would do. 

I had a vision of going to college.  Going to college has rewarded me  beyond the paper that is going to be earned.  The knowledge, the wisdom, the personal growth, and the total investment in myself is beyond any financial benefit that it could give me.  People are inspired by people who have vision.  They are the delight and inspiration of what we all strive to be.  Be like them.  Know they were challenged, even rejected, and totally desecrated in character. The vision was beyond even self interest. 

 Sometimes vision are challenging the way the world works.  Look at Jesus challenging the church, challenging the religious, challenging the sinner, and challenging his own disciples to become greater than where they were.   Still Jesus is challenging us.  To love when we aren't love, to bless when we are cursed, to pray when people spitefully use you and say all kind of things to you or complain about you.  Its insane how when I look at my savior and say what you want me to do what.  Didn't you see how they wanted evil for me.  Really pray, love,  and forgive.  Oh, Jesus please teach me how. 

I'm finishing several courses in my life and the people that deserve to cheer me on to the finish line should be people who have been there all along.  I have noticed that people show up as if they feel they have a right to cheer at the end of the line for you. 

They never saw the tears, the struggle, the late nights, and are there  as if they were.  These are the ones that didn't even think you could finish.  They were even surprised that you were doing something when they were telling everyone that you were nothing.  They are the critics, gossipers, slanders, and cry babies that try to trash your name.  Some of them are the nay-sayers of your vision.  Some are the critics that want to pose with you when you get to the end
They feel they have a right to be their and get some of the spot light.   Fame seekers, groupies who hope that they can benefit from your hard work.  Hoping that the change will drop out of your pocket so they can increase by doing nothing but flattering you.

Honor the builders of your life.  Those that have your back when the vision was under construction.     The ones that pushed you to go again.  Those that spoke life into your purpose and believed that you could and cheered when you tried. Lifted you up when you failed and helped you keep going.  They deserve to be at the finish line.  Who wont sell you out even if you don't give them what they want.  They will love your regardless of you and wont be jealous when they see you succeed and grow and flourish.  They know they were part of the investment and they are honored when they see you grow. 

 They deserve to be honored.   Those that saw your vision and understood where you wanted to go!  
Were willing to go the whole distance with you ! 

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