Thursday, March 19, 2015

Treasures in Giving

Treasures in Giving and Serving 

One of my client brought me this quilt to quilt! I told her that I would like to have some of her scraps to be able to make my own!  She just out of the blue gave me the top and told me to enjoy it! 

I felt that the gift that was given to me should have the sweetest back fabric that I have been hiding for two years because this fabric was only for something special!   


You know what I mean about special fabric stashes!  Those that are addicted to fabric or love quilting understand !  What this fabric meant to me!

I quilted it!  It was beautiful and I just needed the binding, the strangest thing I just folded the quilt and just put it away!  As if the quilt that was intened for me didn't feel like it was mine! 

Well recently I had someone go out of there way to bless me!  Really they were just doing their job! But the way she did her job was a blessing!  She was passionate, diligent, and went out her way for my behalf with joy!  Somehow I felt that what she did should be honored!  

Some time how we do thing matters more than just doing them!  

Paul from scripture talks about doing a job willingly for God!  So that he would recieve the reward! In 1Cor 9:17 

In the text he talks about servicing the  Lord in ministry!  To do it willingly mean to do it voluntarily!  Paul suffered and was hated and beaten by those that at one time he was in alliance with!  But when he turned to Christ.   Those that at one time loved him!  Supported him have now come to hate him!  Wanting to kill him and even plan and hope for Pauls destruction!  Ministry was costly for Paul! I'm sure at times he hated flowing the savior!  He was on prisoners for Christ! Even stoned outside of a city!  He was even shipwrecked and beaten with strips!  For serving Christ! 

Now you and I all have jobs. Family's that are burdensome!  Some of us have critics and Negative influences that try our daily lives! Some of us are married and unloved.  Some of us have struggles to make it another day!  Sometime we have moments In our lives that we hate!! To do them are costly and even burdensome! Life is like that sometimes!  We even feel like this isn't Gods will for me!  

I'm sure the lady who does her job day in and day out feels like she is a prisoner to working all her life! 

We all have our places in life where doing them, challenges us to want an easier way out! I'm sure Paul wanted one!  I'm sure one day God spoke to his heart, telling him do it willingly because I have a reward for you!  If not you will not get the reward!  The reward can be lost!

Sometime God allows us to be in horrible places because there is where the reward is!  That's where wisdom flourishes.  That's where our life has the greatest Impact! 

Sometimes unanswered prayers are Gods way of saying, "This is the best place for you!  This is where the tool and lessons for your coming journey are obtained!" 

Don't runaway anymore from My plan for you to be perfect! Perfect on the bible means Mature! Sometimes suffering is planned for us to fully grow up! And not be selfish! To not be hateful! To not be vindictive but to surrender! Doing Gods will willingly like Paul.  That's where the reward is! 

I saw someone just doing her job willingly! With joy! No because of the check but because she wanted to do the best job she could!  I benefited from her effort and am thankful!  Like I have benefites from Paul's wisdom! 
My client blessed me with this quilt top to honor the work I do willingly!  I finished the top with my favorite fabric.  

My counselor who went out of her way for me willingly! Deserved to be rewarded!  She never expected it but to Me she deserved it!  

Do thing passionate without want of return and someone out there will see your willingness to serve and will reward your effort!  

The truth is if no one sees it!  God has and He will reward you willingness to serve and in the end Him seeing it is what really matters! 

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