Friday, March 13, 2015

Have you ever?

Have you ever? 

Worked on something so much that your body says no more!   Have you ever wonder am I ever going to finish or get to the end? Sometime I look at jobs that way!  I never say anything in the end!  I guess it because my brain in flooded with dopamine because I finally accomplished the task at hand!  Forgetting the horrible journey!!

The fact that I made it to where I wanted to go!  Was the glorious accomplishment!  I like the feeling of finishing something!  Many times it's easy to start something!  Getting to the end is what matters! No matter how hard in the middle of the journey! Getting to the finish line is what matters, any way at least to me!  So here is my finished product!  

At time I hated this quilt!  
Sometime jobs are like marriages we come to hate!  At times I wonder why the hell did I say I would do this? 
Then as I keep trying even in the struggle I see the quilt looking glorious and I become inspiried in my effort!  As the light hits it and the shadows show the time invested! 


Then in the end I'm find in glad I didn't quite!  I'm glad I didn't let the situation break me!  As a matter of fact!  In the pressure I learned something powerful about myself!  That gifts and talents  are worth the labor pains !  

Sometimes unique gifts that are divinely give are worth fighting for!  It's up to us alone to fight for them and birth them because with out them we loose sight of doing something that was never possible within us! Greatness comes from rising even when it feels like death is winning!  

So here is my resurrection!  I finished and  I fell warrior like because I didn't quite! 

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