Saturday, October 18, 2014

Repeating cross design

Repeating Cross
New designs 

I got a quilting computer design program and am learning how it works.  I love that it prints a picture of the quilt. I wanted to do a quilt for someone special but needed to make different options.  Here's some designs. 

Design 1 
I felt it was too busy for the eye.  

Design 2 
Still busy but better.  

Design 3  
I like this  one.  
Now how do you make it. 

This quilt is fun but the eye looses where one block is to the next block.  

So I did cut outs.  
I cut out each different block that is in quilt.  Also counted how many blocks i needed of each.   This will help me when I'm making each block and how many if each I need to make.  

 I still need to do two more designs but I'm excited that I have this wonderful tool to keep me organized to finish this beautiful quilt.  

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