Saturday, October 4, 2014

Beauty out of small pieces

Small piecing

Okay I have to confess I'm not much into saving small pieces of fabric.. Yes, I throw away.  Yesterday I saw the value of saving scraps.  I finished a quilt about a month ago and saved the leftover pieces.  
So I started trying to organize it to see if I can use it.  I was doing a video on 1/2 triangles and the ability to use leftover scraps by using a ruler to trim the sizes you can get out of scraps.  As I was trying different techniques I went scrap crazy.  

Yes these are 1' 1/2 triangles.  
I even thought well can you do something with these tiny pieces??

Yeah this is a 3x3 size piece.. Inspired I went though all my scraps and organized my self.  

I bought these containers that I could place all pieces.  This container has 1 1/2 triangles.  So now I have a place for each size piece right I front of me while I work on sewing my scraps as I'm piecing other projects .  

Before anything enters thes containers they are trimmed, measured, and placed in appropriate size.  Now the cool part of this is whenever I want to sew a small block or try a new design I have the pieces cut to size.  I have done this with 1/2 triangles and square pieces that I trimmed and measured put if my scraps.  

Because I'm organized I can design something quickly .  Like I got 1 ' square and got 1' 1/2 triangle and look for the colors that would work from scraps.  

If I just want to sew I have little project to play with.  

I also got little containers to have close by with scrap and another container to place sewn scraps into.  Just  in case I don't have time to trim and measure.  These two containers will be close to my sewing machine for easy reach.  

These are small enough to not take too much space but they can hold some scraps.  

2' baby friendship block. I think I'm addicted.  

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