Sunday, July 27, 2014

Unique pincushions

Unique Pincushions Delight

 I love different pincushions wanted to share a flea market find to sewing treasure.  

I found four wooden egg holders.  Honestly I don't know what hey are.  The caught my eye and it was carved wood.  Love the price $2.00 for the set. 

Now making the pincushion to fiit.  

Crushed walnut shells
Batting four layers 
A way to make circles
Fabric.  Upholstery holds the best for pincushions.

Draw on batting cut four layers.  Reason for 4 layers your making a sack and you would like two sides to be strong enough for stuffing into the fabric.  Sew on the line and  trim around and fill with walnuts. 

After stuffing walnuts push to bottom so you have space to sew the circle batting shoot.

Draw a circle on fabric one size larger than your batting circle.  Have on the back two layers like making a open pillow sham .  

Stuff stuff stuff.  It's going to be tight and sometimes if feels like  your not getting anywhere, as your stuffing.  

Sew a button on the center and pull pull pull to get it to dimple.  

Now this little pincushion is bigger than the opening.  You will have to stuff it in the whole and it will take some time to push this little pillow to fit snug in the container.  You can also place glue but I loved the wood and didn't want to damage it. 


This one is my favorite!!

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