Saturday, July 19, 2014

Half triangle quilt is done

One quilt finished.  

On an earlier post new quilter  I showed how me quilters are blossoming and this was their first half triangles.  I believe the imperfection of this small throw quilt makes it perfect.  It has been quilted and the binding is completely hand stitch.  

I can honestly say that I like doing the binding for the first time.  I always machine bind and decided that I wanted to grow as a quilter.  I placed the binding on and went to hang out with my sister-in-law and I taught her how to stitch the binding down.  We both sat drinking coffee and she stitched on one end of the table and I stitched on the other end. Having wonderful conversations in the process.  Getting the beautiful work of love done.  

I have had wonderful support in the vision The Lord has given me.  

Now we wait and see who to donate it too.  

I still want to thank Memories by the yard.   A wonderful lady donated two large bags of fabric.  Jan walker a client of mine brought me a large bin full of fabric.  A wonderful lady Gloria who was on a Facebook quilt group donated fabric.   The back fabric is what I used to finish this quilt.  Gloria just gave without even knowing me.   I truly appreciated their donation and want to honor their giving by giving them a large shout out.  

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