Friday, June 7, 2013

Jewelry Making

Rings for fun

I love making things that I can use in my daily life.  Quilts, Embroidery, Jewelry, and Rings. 

So here are some rings that I made out of scrap jewelry.  
This is what it looks like before I cleaned the edges, sanded, and polished the rings.

All these rings are from scrap metals.  Sterling silver and gold. 

Round Ball Ring

The round ball ring is different from what the ring looked like before.  I made it for my daughter two years ago and it broke and the beauty of making something you can always fix it.  Sometimes fixing something is a blessing in disguise.  The opportunity to make something better that when you first made it.  The first time I made her the ring my skill level was younger. I have had much learning in practicing and growth in making other rings or earrings.  

Growth in gentleness

When I first started metal work.  I loved heavy heat and tended to melt my metal and destroy what I was working on.

I now have my own metal smith studio in my house and it's not in a class environment.

Swirl Ring
The second ring which has a swirl on it.  Is such a victory for me because I learned to tame the heat.  I tried when I was learning the soldering skill to have the swirl be an ascent to the jewelry and ended up destroying it.  

Before I would place solder around the swirl and melt the metal because the metal is so thin and fragile  cannot handle the heat.

But learning new way of using the same skill.  I placed the solder on the ring and got it to flow and then placed the swirl on top.  This allowed the solder to flow and connect to the ring without using to much heat.

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