Monday, June 10, 2013

Bag Tutorial

Bag Tutorial

Well, when I was quilting The Commission quilt it didn't work out how I planned.  Do you see the eyes and the mouth?  I did them to dark and it made it have a harsh appearance.  I got another piece of fabric and painted it and am going to start over.  But I don't want to throw away the beautiful blue fabric and decided to make a bag.

I cut two pieces of fabric both the same size went into my zipper stash and picked a color that looked good.

Have the zipper facing down on the fabric that you want to be exterior fabric.  
Have the lining kiss the fabric.  The lining backside of the fabric should be facing you.  Line up the edges and sew.

When you have sewn the top fabric, zipper, and lining together.  You can sew a nice seam line on top of the exterior fabric.  

Now on the other end kiss exterior fabric to the zipper part where my finger is and do the same idea like the first part of sewing the fabric.  

Hint:  Fold the top fabric on itself and pin to the edge of the zipper.  On the lining side do the same fold it on itself and pin also to the top of the zipper

Have exterior and interior fabrics facing each other with the zipper between them.  Remember to sew the top seam like the first step.  

Now you sew the edges together.  Make sure that the zipper is open.  Also on the exterior sew both sides.  On the interior sew one side completely and on the other side leave an opening so you can reverse the bag.  

When you have turned everything inside out.  Now you can sew the opening you left and sew it together.  

Tuck in the lining into the bag and enjoy your new and useful item. 

YOU can do these bags any size as long as you can find the zipper to fit the size you want.  This is a 12 inch wide and 6 inch wide bag.  

Like I said I did know how to make bags without the lining.  But I checked out this YouTube video and she showed step by step how to do it with the lining.  The building of the bag is her work I am showing you.  Now the quilting is mine.  HeeeHeee.   I did modify to do two less steps.   I didn't want a seam on the bottom of the bag so I fold the fabric in half. 

 I saw this on a YouTube video the channel is

How to Sew a Basic Zippered Pouch


 I think she did an awesome job in explaining step by step how to do these bags with lining.  Check her out.  


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