Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quilters shouldn't throw anything away..

This is a Banner I embroidered several years ago. I got a Longarm quilting machine and really didn't know how to quilt on it. After several months of practicing on the longarm. One day I was cleaning my sewing space and found this banner I did for a church. My kids marked the bottom of the banner with black marker and decided to not finish the banner. I thought it was not even worth doing anything else to it. Since I was practicing on the Longarm I decided to use it as a practice piece. The bottom video is how I did the longarm quilting and the top video is the finished product. My good friend Melony always tells me why you throwing that way? That is scrapp fabrics that I think is trash she says it opportunity... Hehehheee. I roll my eyes at her and laugh, "sure sure". Well she's right. This banner became a treasure that I thought was trash. It was a great learning opportunity.


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